Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Birthday Chillin' at My House!

It’s my parent’s birthdays this week! I don’t get to see my family nearly often enough, which is why I am forcing everyone to come to my house for a meal. I figure if I feed them, they will come. Due to overly packed weekends with Church, soccer games and general family fun I used to really sweat hosting these get-togethers. Then I read this great book called “The Reluctant Entertainer” which opened my eyes to the fact that people are seriously not checking your banners for dust or thinking your menu isn’t Martha Stewart perfect. They are usually pretty jazzed that they don’t have to cook for a night, you know? Most people’s houses aren’t perfect….not if you are a chill mom anyway. If someone looks like they are checking out your pile of papers stashed in your hutch (ahem)…shove a plate of food in their face and they will forget all about it.

Informal Birthday Bash at my house!
Crispy Burritos (ok the recipe is called Tasty Burritos but I like my name better)
Mom’s Famous Taco Salad*
Costco Cheesecake & Ice Cream-Dad’s Favorite!

 *This had become a lost recipe when Kraft decided to go and discontinue our beloved Seven Seas Creamy Italian. You cannot have this salad with any other dressing. Kraft had no plans on bringing it back so we had to seriously block this recipe out of our minds because just talking about it would make us drool. I had joined a page on Facebook to “Bring Back Seven Seas Creamy Italian Dressing” as I was not the only person on earth that was going through withdrawal for this dressing that we had all grown up with. One of the gentlemen answered one of my posts on the page that Kroger sold a version and it was indeed the same exact recipe and company that made the Seven Seas version. As I do not have a Kroger here, I had my mother-in-law who lived in Arkansas bring me up a bottle to test it out.  I am pretty sure I had a physical reaction to the first bite it was exactly the same zippy deliciousness I had been missing for years. Now she regularly brings me multiple bottles to share with my family and I am able to serve my mom’s taco salad recipe again. It’s a family THANG.

Here is the recipe if any of you are interested:

Mom’s Famous Taco Salad for a crowd
Iceburg Lettuce (2 heads or 2 bags)
2 cans of dark red kidney beans, drained and rinsed
1 bag of cherry tomatoes, sliced in half, or quartered
1 bag of shredded taco cheese (of your choice)
2-4 bunches of green onions sliced

Start with the lettuce, add the beans, tomatoes, cheese, and green onions (if you are going to make the salad the day before, I would wait to add these before serving as they tend to lose their ZIP). Put the crushed Fritos in a bowl and have the bottle of dressing on the side. This salad is so good and filling it seriously could and has been a meal. J

It’ll be great to hang out with my family for a few hours. Even though it’s a bit of work, it really is rejuvenating to have time with your family. Try to do your best to carve out some time with them…do the best with the time you have. Or-let someone else do all of the work and you show up! Yeah!

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