Friday, October 21, 2011

Family Photo Shoot Mood Board

OK I might have made that sound a little more fabulous than it is but when you are a mom you sometimes have to create your fab. My husband's family is getting one ginormous picture taken together and then we of course will all break off to do our individual little family pictures. Everyone decided that each family should wear their own color instead of the whole gang wearing the traditional black or white or whatever said color you usually see in these ginormous family photo shoots. The colors that have been claimed are red, black and white. I told them I would take grey. The problem is, 1. I'm not much of a matchy-matchy gal. 2. I have 3 girls to style and being forced to find 5 grey tops 4 of those being for girls of extremely different styles is kind of a daunting task and finally 3. I want everyone to look like themselves with their individual styles. Am I over thinking this? Probably. But hey this is my fab and I have to grab my moments when I can.

So I have decided that I will go along with the group and my family will wear grey, well, sort of. I've decided if there is some grey in it, it works. If they love it and feel great in it, it works even better.

OK confession time. I've purchased a few things already. I got this Anthropologie cardi vest at Burlington Coat Factory. This is what inspired my "touch of grey" theme. It not only fits like a dream, but is a perfect way to trick the camera in to not showing every bump and bulge I've acquired the last few years. Stacy and Clinton would be so proud of me.

I am a longtime fan of Lauren Conrad and I finally went in to check out her LC line for Kohl's. So glad I did! I found these great skinny cords in whaddyaknow grey.

Younkers was having a killer sale on shoes and I scored these hip Madden Girl boots for $40!

Now I just need to get everyone else's wardrobes! Here are a few things that I'm thinking might work.

My hubby isn't exactly a real flashy guy. He's a regular dude so to speak. He will be our grey anchor to tie us all together.

He would look gorgeous in something like this:

Now my stepdaughter Meredith likes to blend, blend, blend. She is almost 14 and loves normal "junior" clothes that I can NEVER seem to get right. So what I think she would like will probably be 1000% incorrect. BUT-that's what personal style is about, even if you are a blender. :) Here is what I THINK she would like or what I think she would look nice in.

Sayler is my tomboy. She likes to be different. She likes to be comfortable. She hates being too girly. I don't think she realizes how much of a fashion diva she really is. This jacket makes me smile just picturing her rocking it with her Converse shoes.

If I didn't have Quinn, I wouldn't even know what it's like to have a girl. She is as girly as they get. If it's pink, if it sparkles, if it's a dress or if it has hearts on's for Quinn. This sweater is kind of plain for her actually, until I pair it with a great skirt and girly tights and a pair of boots I bought her that look similar to mine as she hasn't stopped talking about them since I wore them the other day.

Our photo shoot is next Sunday at Waterworks park. We will be 8 adults (4 couples), 9 kids (ages 7-16) and 2 newborn babies (one boy, one girl). No matter what we all wear I'm sure the pictures will turn out great. You know I'll be sharing them so you can see what we all came up with!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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