Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How I Conquered My Schedule!

Lost Invites No More! Find Receipts Fast!

I used to have a terrible time remembering everything I needed to do. Even with my calendar I would lose invites and not remember where the heck the party was or I would forget about a  fundraiser pick up and so on and so on. Even with my calendar I couldn't seem to keep things straight for some reason. So I came up with a new system. It all started with the simplest of inventions. 3M Post-it Pockets. It's just a little pocket shaped like a file that has sticky stuff on the back. This is how I used them to change my life.

The package I bought was a 3 pack and had 3 different sizes. The biggest one is here in the picture. This is where I have lunch menus, soccer directions, invitations, etc. After I put "party for Quinn at 2:00", I put the invite in this pocket for future reference. I haven't forgotten a thing since. :)

The other two are the size of an envelope. I put these on the inside of the cabinet where I keep our medicine. I use the upright one for receipts of anything I order online, and the vertical one for receipts on items purchased at stores. This system saved us when my husband recently broke his very expensive fishing pole! I had put the receipt in here and Bass Pro happily exchanged it for us.

Here is my tiny little table where I keep all of our writing utensils, paperclips, pads of paper etc. Homework time and need a pencil? Need to make a quick note while you are on the phone? Need to write something on that calendar in a hurry? No more scattering around looking for paper and a pen. It's right here and everything is always returned right back where it belongs!

Fabulous, right?

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  1. Hey, Jaren's cousin! :) Thought I should say hi since you caught me talking about you on facebook! :) What a small world!

    PS- I love those 3m pockets. I hadn't seen them before!

  2. Wow hello! Isn't Jaren the sweetest little thing? I'm pretty sure she's my favorite person in the whole world! Thanks for giving me a shout out!

    These pockets are awesome and I believe the 3 pack was around $10. I found them back in the organizing section at Target!

  3. I've been looking for something similar to those pockets for my office. Thanks for sharing! ~ Kristen, Celebrate Every Day With Me