Monday, October 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

This week we have a lot of running around to do on top of our normal activities which include soccer, dance & a Pathfinder meeting. These are some fast & kid-friendly recipes that I turn to on weeks like this. They might not be the healthiest around, but I use whole grain pasta, bread & tortillas to sneak in as much nutrition as I can. :)

Monday-Spaghetti & Garlic Bread-if I don't serve this once a week my family locks me in a closet.

Tuesday-Pizza Sandwiches served with fresh cut carrot sticks (my best GF bought a huge amount of organic carrots from Costco and shared some with me!)

Wednesday-Pioneer Woman's Fried Round SteakPC Rice Cooker Mashed Potatoes & Corn-this recipe is so fast sometimes I amaze myself when I start to serve because it looks so impressive!

Thursday-Turkey Bacon & Cheeese Quesadilla & chips & salsa (still working on that Costco bag of chips!)


Saturday-Tombstone Extra Cheese Frozen Pizza-family fave!

Sunday-You're on your own!

For more great recipe ideas visit Menu Plan Monday at!

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