Monday, October 31, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Time to bust out the crock pot! Mine has a permanent place on the counter nowadays. I am always on the lookout for a good crock pot recipe that my family will actually eat. I've been quite busy in the kitchen the last few weeks and it's time for me to chill. I'm going to let the crock pot be the rock star!

OH I did finally make those glowing green smoothies using the freezing method that I mention in my Window Wednesday-Food Edition. My did not turn out glowing, they looked more like baby food BUT they were delicious! The only problem was that after 20 minutes I had a blinding headache from it. I can only assume that the spinach had some type of preservative that my washing did not get rid of entirely. Such a bummer because I made 5 of them and I had to get rid of all of them. Anyone else experience this?? Any ideas on how to remedy? This is a fantastic way to get mega nutrition in and I would love to give it another go.

Speaking of nutrition...I have NEVER liked oatmeal. Well unless it's in a cookie. I want to like it! I know it's good for me but my taste buds reject it every time. I keep hearing about baked oatmeal recipes. These sound so good to me. Maybe because I'm thinking it will taste like a cookie. :) I found this peanut butter baked oatmeal recipe that I am going to make this weekend and try it out on my family. I'll let you know next week if it's really oatmeally or if it's like a big cookie. :)

Monday-Chicken Tenders in Crock pot w/mac & cheese & corn ***Family FAVE*** This is about as easy as it gets. My kids LOVE this meal. I buy two packages of chicken tenders and put it in the crock pot frozen with a bottle of BBQ sauce. I cook it on low all day.

Tuesday-Beef Hot Links w/peppers & onions-My hubby and I love spicy food! These are so hard for me to stop at one!! They are so flavorful though so at least one is really satisfying. I cook these babies on my grill pan which makes this one of the easiest and fastest meals that I make which makes it a Chillmoms FAVE.

Wednesday-Crock pot Lasagna ***Family FAVE*** my kids are not big meat eaters so this recipe has been great for us. I was afraid with the minimal ingredients it might be bland but it's quite the opposite. If I want to change it up, I add some mini turkey pepperonis which my kids love. I swear it comes out PERFECT. I'll serve it with some crusty bread and call it a night!

Thursday-Southwest Steak & Potato Soup in Crock pot & Grilled Cheese ***Nick's Pick***-I talked about this recipe in my Window Wednesday Autumn Edition. I am so looking forward to coming home to this delicious zippy soup next week when the weather dips down to BRRRRR!!


Saturday-Date night with hubby <3

Sunday-Freezer Pot Luck-Freezer Potluck (I got this from my PC lady's web page after I bought the large bar pan. You could do this with any cookie sheet OBVIOUSLY. I just liked the idea. Take all the remaining 'bits' of frozen food that have started to collect in your freezer; you know what I mean! The 5 French fries someone put back and the 6 chicken nuggets. Dump the contents of all of these bags on the Bar Pan. Bake at 425 for 18 to 20 minutes or until everything is golden brown. Get a spatula, scoop some on their plates and whatever they get, well, that's Potluck! Great way to clean the freezer AND feed a bunch of hungry pre-teens!!

Need some yummy dinner ideas? Check out menu plan Monday at!


  1. what a great menu!
    the potluck idea sound like fun
    i love our crockpot. i utilize it as much as possible
    Here is a link to my Menu Plan/Question of the week
    I would love if you stopped by to check it out
    I know the week is over but it takes me all week to browse the menus
    Enjoy your sunday:)

  2. Hey I thought I was the only one that looked at recipes all week! :) There are so many great sites with so many creative ideas! I will defintely stop by your page! Thanks for sharing!