Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Window Wednesday! Autumn Edition

Is there a person alive that doesn't love fall? It seems it's the perfect time to put on your favorite cozy sweatshirt and sockies after lighting a pumpkin candle and putting something in your crock pot to cook all day! Fall is all about coziness and chilly nights that lead to cuddling. Oh and don't forget those fun Halloween parties!

Now unlike most of my gal friends, I don't watch football. My husband however, does. This gear from VS Pink is about as close as I get to supporting his addiction. Apparently I am a Bears fan. I married in to it.

Of course I don't want my tootsies to get cold so I will need a pair of these super cute crocheted socks! -

I like to make sure that my big bear is fed and happy! Usually soup just doesn't cut it for him, but if you add some steak and salsa it totally stops his grumbling! He loves this awesome & easy crock pot recipe for Southwestern Steak & Potato Soup. He doesn't like green beans so I substituted frozen corn and served it with grilled cheese. Perfect for a fall afternoon football game! -

Everyone in my family has their own Snuggie and we just love them. I might have to score one of these Snuggies for Two for when the kiddos are gone! I'll make us some of this Hot Vanilla to sip on...and I'll light this adorable pumpkin pie candle!-,,

We all need a little me time! That's when you bust out this awesome little pumpkin brulee bath salt and take a hot bath and relax. Afterwards sip on a cup of Sleepytime Tea, while using some of Jason's Sleepytime Lotion. Just seeing that little sleeping bear on the bottle will make you feel all warm and cozy and happy.,,

Time to get cracking on some Halloween plans with the kiddos! With Christmas looming right around the corner, who has the money to spend on elaborate costumes? Zombies are like, the new vampire. I think a whole family with regular clothes (good way to keep warm!) and zombie face would be super cool. Here is an easy and cheap way to get zombie faced for the whole family. Aaaahhh sweet family time.

Tired of cutting the same old faces in to your pumpkin every year? Have at least one child who is creative and loves to stand out? Here are some pumpkin carving alternatives!

Here are some fun pictures of our Halloween last year. I don't usually dress up but I joined in the fun at work for the first time in years. My hubby has kind of brought me out of my shell a bit. :)

This is Meredith dressed in her "Bollywood" outfit from a wedding we were in a few weeks before. They did a dance at the reception and it was amazing!
This is Sayler as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. I bought the hat and the bow tie and came up with the rest!

This is Quinn the "killer" bee. She wanted those vampire teeth that light up so she came up with this costume idea. I, of course, styled it.
Here is me with my husband (the Bears fan!) in my Supermom costume.

This is Supermom with her pumpkin pie. One of my good friends from work, Marc VonAhnen. His costume is genius!

The rest of my Ingramite friends who dressed up as a Pink Lady, a witch, Sue Sylvester, Charlie Brown & Abby from CSI.

Now go and enjoy fall! All two weeks of it! :)

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