Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Window Wednesday! FOOD EDITION

I've been peeking in on some great blogs this week! I'm planning a birthday get together, 2 slumber parties and 2 holiday get togethers at my house in the next few months so this Window Wednesday is all about FOOD.

This site is from an Iowa girl who eats, runs and travels. Any girl from Iowa is ok with me. This cornbread topped chili in a jar is not only eye appealing but looks divine. I'm going to be trying this recipe soon!

 I'm thinking a cookie dough dip would be perfect for a slumber party menu! Better yet, a cookie dough dip trio!

I'm thinking these cinnamon roll french toasts would be awesome for a slumber party breakfast. Another Iowa mom! I'm telling you we know how to EAT.

Next week I vow to try freezing smoothies using this glowing green smoothie. I've been wanting to do this forever and this recipe has convinced me it's time. &

I would be willing to make these beautiful caramel apples just so I wouldn't have to unwrap all of those caramels!

Hope you have a great week of GOOD EATIN'!


  1. Dann!!! I love your blog and I love this food edition of Window Wednesday!!

  2. Thanks Nic! How about you do a guest post on some easy ways to ease more natural eating in to our busy mommy lives? I would love that!