Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Window Wednesday-Leftover Candy Edition

Today we are going to deal with an issue that most moms deal with this time of year. That would be a big ole sack of leftover candy. Now I'm not one of those moms that controls my child's sack of candy and only lets them have one piece here and there. Halloween is only a few precious years in a kid's life and I like to let them go at it on the one day that they have permission to do so. It also allows them to get a little sick off of it and then you can swoop it away from them so they don't drive you crazy bouncing off of the walls. I have learned that if you find a cool recipe that you can make with the kids, they will happily hand over the leftovers for everyone to share. Here are some cool recipes I will be presenting to my children this year, pending what type of candy will be leftover. :)

My husband loves Mike & Ike's so I'm not sure if we would have any leftovers, but if I might convince him to leave a few behind if I made him this yummy looking trail mix.

One of my sister-in-law's signature recipes (hello Amanda!) is a Snickers Apple Salad. This would be a great way to get rid of those little Snickers candy bars, IF you had any left. -
Doesn't it seem like there are always Tootsie Rolls randomly in the bag? Pull them out and make some of this ice cream sauce! Wouldn't that be super cute & yummy topped with Nerds?? In fact you could create a whole sundae bar with leftover candy! -

If you just want to make a bunch of cupcakes with different random candies inside, click on the link to the site Bake it in a Cake here. She has baked everything in a cupcake from Almond Joy to Fig Newtons! -

If you don't want to make anything with leftover candy, go ahead and join in the fun! I like to dig all of the Dots and Razzles out! If you want to check yourself before you wreck yourself, you can visit Taralynn McNitt's site here...she is the cutest little girl who comes up with not only some of most inventive low calorie meals, but the cutest too! Another little Iowa girl that knows how to eat, but eat well healthily. -

Hope the rest of the week is FABULOUS.



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