Sunday, November 6, 2011

Menu Plan Monday with NEW Chillmoms Bare Minimum Lifestyle Plan

This is my first Menu Plan Monday with the Chillmoms Bare Minimum Lifestyle Plan food plan. As promised, I am including the nutritional info for the meals that I will be serving my family. You will see me posting healthier, family friendly recipes as I find them as well.

Another thing I will be including is my breakfast and lunches of the week. These need to be fast and able to be prepped easily the night before. I'm quite tired of the two bite granola bars that leave me famished an hour after eating them. I know that with a little Sunday prepping I can do much better.

I do believe that even though this part takes a bit of planning, since I am already meal planning it doesn't take too much extra effort to keep track of the calories that are actually going in to my mouth....and why not share that extra effort here? It might help another mom that doesn't have the time to do it and that's what this blog is about. Oh and one more thing, I do realize that the calories here might not be "enough" calories for a human to consume in a day...I am leaving some open calories for things like creamer in my coffee, condiments, or if something unplanned comes up.

So to start off, here are my breakfast and lunch of the week. (I promise every MPM won't be this wordy in the future!)

Breakfast of the week:

Black Bean Breakfast Burrito with sliced hard boiled egg & fruit. We have a fridge at work where I will take enough ingredients in containers for the week. (inside of a lunch bag) I will warm everything up in the microwave there. I rarely get to eat before I leave for work so I think this will solve my granola bar issue.  With the protein of the egg and the fiber in the beans this should keep me full until lunch. Besides the fact that I it will taste amazing as I love anything inside of a tortilla with hot sauce! This recipe is roughly 300 calories.

Lunch of the Week:

I created a "fridge salad bar" which I will be posting about this week. This will make it super easy for me to assemble my salad the night before. This week I have prepared my mom's famous taco salad recipe which I lightened up by measuring out the ingredients. You can find the recipe here.This is approximately 370 calories.

Monday-Panko Chicken Tenders with Grilled Fries (I am using my grill pan-not sure if it will work, I'll let you know!) 2 chicken tenders and 5 grilled fries is approximately 416 calories.

Tuesday-Crockpot Chili

Wednesday-Hamburger Patties cooked in A1 sauce and peppers & onions & baked potatoes in the crockpot *one patty with onions & peppers and one med baked potato is approximately 400 calories.

Thursday-Tombstone Extra Cheese Frozen Pizza-1/4 pizza is 350 calories.  If I have anything left in my salad bar I will be adding it to this meal which I would round off to 400 calories since it's just veggies and light Italian dressing.


Saturday-Slumber Party!! I'll have to be careful not to graze all day! You can read my menu here.

Sunday-Birthday Chillin at My House! You can read the menu here.

Are any of you trying do to a little somethin somethin to take care of yourself this week? I'll share some of my me time in a post called "My 15 Minutes". Take a few minutes for yourself this week!

Head on over to for more fabulous healthy recipes!

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  1. Yum! That all sounds good - can't go wrong with a Tombstone pizza - those have always been my favorites :)

    Stopping by from MPM