Thursday, November 3, 2011

How I Deal with Holiday Birthdays

Right after school starts, like most working mothers out there, my life gets a tad busier. This year I have three girls in three schools in 4 activities across the board. That's three lunch menus, three destinations in the morning, three sets of homework to help with and three very different little ladies needs to attend to. I can't lie and say it hasn't been a challenging two months. Is it getting easier yet? Not really, but I will do just about anything for those little angel faces. :)

SO throw in to the mix that two of my daughters have birthdays around this time. One on November 28th, and one on December 28th. Boy they couldn't have picked worse dates if they tried, right? Black Friday and a few days after Christmas aren't exactly when people are wanting to spend extra time and money on someones birthday. That's why this year, I am having my family party celebrating both girls birthdays on November 13th, and slumber parties on November 12th and December 10th. This takes a lot of planning on my part!

Here is what is planned so far...

Birthday Chillin' at My House for Meredith & Sayler
 If everyone invited shows up it ends up being around 20 adults & 12 or so children give or take. Sometimes it's a challenge to come up with something that will 1. be enough and 2. not be beefburgers. I've had a variation of this menu one other time and it was a hit so I'm going with it again for the convenience of the crock pots.
Baked Potato Bar-I make baked potatoes for a crowd in the crock pot and lay out everything that can go on a baked potato...chili, cheese sauce, shredded cheese, sour cream, onion, turkey bacon get the idea.
Little Smokies-everyone loves these and they are an appetite smasher!
A HUGE veggie salad
Cake & Ice Cream-*flavors pending*-I'm an infamous sugar pusher so everyone expects dessert at my house! Meredith has requested pie as her dessert so we will also have a pie.

Meredith's Slumber Party AGE 14
Usually I come up with a theme and run with it, but when you get to this age, you are starting to lose your audience a bit. I've decided to make this a good old fashioned slumber party with movies, gossiping, and snacks & soda. I came up with one small activity that Meredith is interested in and I'm hoping her friends won't be rolling their 14 year old eyeballs at me on the side. I don't want this to turn in to the slumber party massacre. :)

Meredith has been taking consumer family science this year, and has really enjoyed cooking in class. I thought we'd go to Goodwill and purchase everyone a mug, and set out all of the ingredients to make chocolate cake in a mug. I will put out a little toppings "bar" with frosting, Cool Whip, chocolate chips and sprinkles.
Meredith has asked me to serve her current favorite dinner of crispy burritos and chips & salsa. Although a friend of mine just made some of that cheese dip that you get at the Mexican restaurants around here so pending how time consuming it may make it to my menu. I'll post that recipe for ya'll later!

Sayler's Indoor Campout Slumber Party AGE 12
Sayler and I came up with a theme for her party as an indoor campout. The possibilities are really endless with this theme. So many things you can do!  I may hang up some Christmas lights on the ceiling to create that starry night effect if I can score some. The few things we have settled on are a nacho bar and using the method for these fire-roasted nachos. I have a S'Mores Maker, so you KNOW we'll be roasting some marshmallows in the middle of our living room campground! Pretty sure hot chocolate will get added to this menu as well.  I will also make my finger food kabobs. These consist of pizza rolls, bagel bites, corn dog bites, etc., you put them on a wooden skewer used for grilling and put them in the oven according to package directions. Super cute and super fun. I will also make a cake with a little campfire on the top that consists of cleverly placed candles underneath pretzel rods and red & yellow M&M's. Who knows what will get edited but these are some of the ideas I've come up with so far.

I will of course post pictures of the real parties as they are celebrated!

Here are some pictures of an "America's Next Top Model" party that I threw for Meredith a few years back.

I asked my friends for eyeshadows and nail polishes they didn't want anymore. I created a make-up station, a nail station, a hair station and a "resting" station that had a foot bath and great books and magazines.

This is me applying make-up to my niece! You can see part of a sign that I made for each table.

I'm pretty sure I recruited every woman that I knew to help out with each station. Here two of my sister-in-laws helped out at the nail station!

Here is Quinn getting her hair done at the hair station!

This was the most popular made them feel fabulous!

I made strawberry cupcakes topped with big jeweled rings from the dollar store, and I also made heart shaped rice krispy treat "cakes" made with strawberry marshmallows. I just happened to find those pink breast cancer awareness M&M's!

Afterwards I took my old school Polaroid camera and had a photo shoot. I had frames that I had made out of foam paper with magnets on the back and sent them home as a gift. The girls had so much fun!

How do you get your party on??


  1. Such cute ideas! I never tire of reading through your posts. :)

  2. Thank you Krista! That means a lot to me!