Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whoa Whoa Whoa Nelly!

I seriously can't believe that I didn't even post a menu plan this week. I guess that's because I had to come up with one last night on my way to the grocery store. Remember how I had bragged about how I stopped writing checks my butt couldn't cash in this post? I guess I have to take that back. I had to throw two parties back to back. Here's the deal. I have my stepdaughter Meredith 50% of the time. So BAM that's half of the weekends out of the month she is gone. Then there are the split holidays. Even though our weekend falls the weekend after Thanksgiving, since this is her time to be with her mom for Thanksgiving she is with her the whole weekend. That is why I HAD to have the parties back to back. If not, you are going right in to December and I didn't want to wait that long because December is filled with trying to get all of the Christmas get togethers done since I too come from a blended family. OH and Sayler's slumber party as well! See I almost forgot!

So I had these two parties. One slumber party and one family party with 30+ guests. So much work and so much $! I of course woke up vomiting on Saturday morning because why wouldn't I with so much to do? Something didn't agree with me! I was so grateful when I got to church and the women's ministries had made a beautiful, healthy breakfast with yogurt parfaits, muffins and fresh fruit. It really rejuvinated me as well as the fellowship with my church family. It gave me the energy to go home and get everything done. And I did. Did I end up doing everything we planned? Heck no because they are 14 year olds and as I had said originally, they just want some old fashioned girl time. The good thing is I will have some stuff to put away for Sayler's party in a few weeks.

So here was my meal plan that I whipped up mentally on my way to the grocery store. It may be kind of lame but you know what? I got it done and that's what matters. Oh and calorie counting for the Bare Minimum Lifestyle Plan? That just wasn't possible this week. Chill out I'll be back on that next week. Or maybe not. Somehow putting those calories down doesn't seem very chill somehow. Honestly it is a ton of work getting all those ingredients for a recipe on Livestrong and equally on Sparkpeople. WW was so much easier. Hmmmm....;)

Monday-spaghetti & breadsticks-never bought these before...I have to say they were a treat!

Tuesday-My Pizza Titanics

Wednesday-Our church is having a Thanksgiving dinner so we are going to attend that. Tofurkey anyone?

Thursday-hamburgers & *new* Ore Ida Extra Crispy Fries...they might just be new to me but they sounded good.

*kids are with their other parental units getting double loves*

Friday-Leftovers for the hubby and me

Saturday-Date Night! My hubby always asks me now if I have any Groupons for us...it's pretty cute!

Sunday-Oven Night-bust out the ketchup!! or catsup or whatever!

Hop on over to http://www.orgjunkie.com/ for her awesome Menu Plan Mondays...it's quite addicting!

Since I have neglected you all...I will leave you with a few pictures from the family photo shoot I had obsessed over here.

This is my little family that I am so proud of. :)

They are why I do all that I do.

Have a wonderful week and count your blessings!

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