Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Window Wednesday! Holiday Gift Idea Dude Edition

Buying gifts for people is one the great joys in my life. Especially if it's something that is SO that person, it seriously makes my day. It is one of my favorite ways of showing love for people. I love to see their faces when they open something that they might not have known existed, but just realized they now can't live without. I'm going to share a few cool ideas that might help inspire some of you to show some love this holiday. I know that Christmas is not about the material presents, it's about showing people love. Giving a thoughtful gift is an awesome way of showing someone love.

 "God is love, and he that dwelleth in love, dwelleth in God." -I John 4:16

This Window Wednesday will be a "few" part series. First we will cover the dudes in your life. :)

Gifts for your husband, your main man, your brother, your brother-in-law, you get the idea. Most of these are inspired by dudes in my life, but I'm sure that you know a dude or two similar to the dudes in mine.

The Fisherman
Saying my husband likes to fish is like saying that a monkey likes bananas! Not only would he get a kick out of these Christmas themed fishing tackle, he wouldn't be able to wait to actually USE them!

The Gamer
In the off season, my husband fills his hours with Call of Duty on the Xbox360. If your husband is a gamer, these headphones from Turtle Beach are a must-have. They not only drown out the noise around him, it drowns it out for you as well so everyone wins. The best part is that he can't hear himself and you get to hear him say things like "OH HELL TO THE NO" which is HILARIOUS. If you want to splurge a bit, you can get him the ultimate pair...for Valentine's Day I went halfway and scored these for my hubby. I am a hopeless romantic. :)

The Runner
My brother-in-law is a hardcore runner, even in the winter! When I saw this ID bracelet I thought, what a sweet way to show someone that if God forbid anything were to happen on one of their runs, you would want someone to know who they are so they are taken care of. That is love. :)

The Cyclist
One of my gal friend's hubby bikes to work in the summer and in the winter. Don't we all wish we could/would do such a thing? ;) This cycle care kit would probably be much appreciated by a cyclin' crazy dude like that. I'm pretty sure this bike bell was made for him!

The Chef
My brother is a killer self-taught chef. When his wife bought him this Santoku knife from the Guy Fiere Knuckle Sandwich collection, I thought it was perfect for a dude cook. It's rock star all the way. I bet he carries this thing in his belt it's so darn sharp. (no pun intended!)

The Cool Dude
Have a cool little brother/nephew/cousin on your Christmas list that has an Iphone? This Intergalactic Bounty Hunter skin should appeal to any one of them. Every man is still a little boy in their heart.

The Office Dude
You have an office dude you need to buy for but don't want to spend much $$? There is at least one of these pencil sets that will be perfect. Dead Wrestlers Pencil Set, Reservoir Dogs Pencil Set, Goonies Pencil Set, Office Space Pencil Set...I might have to get either the Twin Peaks or Spinal Tap for myself. :)

The Music Lover
This ticket stub diary is a great gift for dude music lovers...or any music lover for that matter. How romantic to fill this up with all of the concert stubs me and my hubby have been to! In all honesty you could totally make one of these on your own...include some great pictures of you and your love...LOVE IT! Another romantic idea is to secretly make a playlist on their Ipod filled with songs from concerts you have been and/or "your" songs...make sure it's songs that they like or they will never play it! It's funny because it's TRUE.

The Little Dude
You have some little dudes on your list? I think these construction plate & utensils would be a huge hit! I also have a feeling that this Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game would be appealing since it includes destruction. I don't think there is a boy out there right now that isn't obsessed with Legos. This Lay-n-Go activity mat might be more for the parents, but I still think it would be a great gift idea as it would make their collection seem massive! Have you ever stepped on a Lego? It'll send you through the dang roof!

Hope this gives you some great ideas this holiday. What kinds of gifts do you get the dudes in your life?



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