Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Window Wednesday! Holiday Gift Idea Chick Edition

How many chicks are on your list this year? They are so easy to buy for! Especially if you know the chick real well.

These gifts are inspired by some of the chicks in my life...but I'm pretty sure you know a few chicks like 'em!

The Shopper
I seriously couldn't live without my mini shopper I got from Etsy. I use it to clip coupons inside, jot notes, make shopping lists, dr appt cards or to stick receipts until I get home and put them in my 3M Poster Pocket. It comes with the pen and the pad of paper. Any gal would love this!

The Girl Who Never Splurges on Herself
Do you know a gal that is always doing for others but never for herself? Oh I'm sure you do! DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT ever buy a gift certificate for this girl as she is so sweet she will use it to buy something for someone else! I love buying high end beauty products for those gals. Philosophy gift sets are not only amazing to look at, they are so luxurious and girls really respond to them because the scents are so heavenly! (I've almost licked my fingers in the shower using their cinnamon bun shower gel!)

The Yoga Chick
I have a yoga bag and it makes me feel like Tara Stiles. Although Tara is probably beyond yoga bags. It is a cool way to carry your mat to class...or at least look like you are going to one. Tara's book Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga is a must have for any yogi...or anyone thinking about becoming one. ;)

The Girl with the Best Accessories
This braided leather bracelet is exactly what girls like this love. This would be great for any girl as it's simple but still such a statement.

The Reader
I seriously want one of these in "Catcher in the Rye". Any girl would get a real bang out of it. ;)

The Young "Hip" Chick
These cute black cat headphones are pretty darn hip if I do say so myself.

The "I'm Too Cool For Anything You Pick Out" Chick
Instead of money give her this.

The Coffee Chugger
A girlfriend of mine gave me one of these coffee cozies last Christmas and I just love it!! It makes you feel kind of fabulous having your own. There are so many to choose from that you could easily find one to fit the coffee lover in your life.

The "ahem" Madonna Lover ;)
If you happen to pull a Madonna Lover's name out of a hat for Secret Santa, I can pretty much guarantee that this Madonna Calendar is something that she will cherish all year. The hardcore fan would probably keep them long after the year is over...that's just a guess.

The Cyclist
I'm not sure why it's imperative to always have a purse to carry all of our stuff when boys seem to find somewhere else to stash everything...usually it's our purse! I know my cyclist friends would appreciate this bike handlebar wristlet so they can cycle in style!

Your Mommy/Grammy or a Mommy/Grammy Friend
I have always loved pea pods...this bracelet would get any mommy/grammy misty.

The Cook
I gave this Rachel Ray ladle to every girl I knew last year. It's a life changer in the kitchen. It's not only perfectly big, but has a flat edge so you can scrape all the last bit of yumminess out of your crockpot. I can't live without it!

The Baby/Toddler Chick
I wonder if my girls would've ate their veggies better if they would've had this cute garden plate & utensils? My daughter absolutely loved animals...still does! This life size zoo book would still make her smile! If you start them out early on this lil' drum set, they will always know that girls ROCK.

Hope you find yourself on the receiving end of a great gift this holiday because you deserve it! Have you started your shopping yet?

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