Thursday, December 1, 2011

The D List of Fabulous!

Ope has her "O list" with all of her favorite things...I have my "D list" of fabulous which is so fitting since she is a megastar and I'm a nobody. I'm sure she would agree that I am just as important as she is and that I need to know my self worth (and then she would push me out of the way and give someone a car). ;)

I have some products that I use all up until the last drop and absolutely cannot live without. Some things I use on a daily basis and would probably cry if someone took them away. Since I love to forcibly share all of my friendly info I'm going to share them with you all. This is my blog and I can do what I want! Besides you should totally listen to me because I am a total product junkie and I know my stuff...and when I say my stuff I mean the stuff that I own and use on a daily basis.

#1-DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Dannette you want me to put oil on my already oily skin?? Are you crazy I will break out! I will look like an oil slick! Settle down...I too suffer from combination skin that leans toward the oily side. I have also suffered terrible bouts of acne and I have terribly sensitive skin! I had the same fears until I used the generous sample that DHC sent me. This stuff literally melts off all of your makeup and mascara and with a whoosh of water it it GONE. No tightness and no oily residue left at all! I do still wash my face with soap afterwards and this keeps my face nice and happy. I've been using this for at least 10 years!

#2-Pampered Chef's Manual Food Processor

How many recipes do you have that call for a chopped onion? Maybe you pull out that handy food chopper that is obnoxiously loud and makes everything on your counter jump up and down...not to mention it's a bit of a pain to clean that little sucker! I SWEAR you put an onion in the food processor and with three pumps the thing is perfectly chopped! Salsa is a snap! Ever have to make a beefburgers for a crowd? I think you get the picture. It's a little expensive but I promise you it won't be a dust collector! I think this would make a great gift too.

#3-Kramer's Salsa

This particular salsa is made right in here Iowa in a small town in Comanche. One of my besties recently visited the little restaurant where this salsa originated from and got a jar of it signed for me by Mrs. Kramer herself. The fact that my friend did this for me knowing I would love it shows how much I talk about this salsa. My favorite is the Inferno. It'll make your nose run! It has such a fresh flavor too. I use it in my fave Southwest Steak & Potato Slow Cooker Recipe. Adds just the right amount of zip! Love serving it when family comes over too. Make sure you let grandma know which one is hot or she'll get ya!

#4-Avon's Dew Kiss Lip Dew

Remember when you were little and you would lick your lips and they would get seriously dry so you would keep licking them to get them moist but you were little and you didn't realize you were making them worse and by the time you were done you looked like you had a clown mouth made out of red scab? It was kind of addicting to keep licking that sore @ss mouth wasn't it? I know! Anyway, that happened to me once and I decided to break the chain and grabbed my mom's little pink tube of lip dew. It healed it almost immediately. I have been addicted ever since. As a matter of fact I have a tube of it sitting right here on my desk. And in my purse. And in my car. And in my bathroom. (they usually go on sale for 49 cents and I buy a whole bunch of 'em!)

#5-Ronzini Smart Taste Spaghetti

Now I have always been a Barilla Whole Grain girl. But this was on sale once for $1.27 and I had a dollar off coupon so we gave it a shot. Turns out we prefer it! It gets perfectly al dente which is so important in my house. The plus side is that it  is an excellent source of Fiber and contains Calcium and Vitamin D equal to an eight-ounce glass of milk. My kids are very picky eaters and I have to sneak in nutrition where I can. When something tastes this fabulous, even better!

Boy just sharing this list made me feel very Oprah-y. I only wish I could bust these all out and surprise you with them for free! Maybe someday daaahhling!

What can you not live without?

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  1. We all have a little Oprah in us ... sadly, we are not all compensated the same ;)