Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How. Could. I. Have. FORGOTTEN??

Here I go and post yesterday about all the fabulous gifts that I want and that I've received and I left off the most important one!! Every year we do a Secret Santa in my group, and every year I ask for the same thing. Being that I work with awesome people, they have delivered every single year. :)

I am a bit of a Madonna fan. Ok whatever I'm a HUGE Madonna fan. To know Dannette is to know that I love Madonna. It's one of the many dorky things about me that I happen to be proud of.

Since our limit is $15, every year I ask for a Madonna calendar. I so look forward to this gift! I know that when I see this:

I will soon be getting this:

Thanks to my Secret Santa Jessica for hooking me up for the 2nd year in a row! Sorry to be such a diva about it but hey, I sure do make it easy to shop, right?? ;)

Save a match, strike a pose.


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