Monday, December 26, 2011

Menu Plan Monday for a Short Week!

It's hard to  believe it's over already isn't it? First it was hard to believe it was here already and now it's gone. I actually still have two more to celebrate but everything is bought it's just a matter of hanging out with family and that is always nice. This week I had an unexpected but nice surprise guest of my father-in-law on Christmas Eve. I had planned on serving my fave Southwest Steak and Potato Soup with Texas Toast Grilled Cheese. My mother & father-in-law had brought us some candied jalapenos that that I busted out with cream cheese and crackers. I had been sitting on some Pampered Chef raspberry habenero sauce so I poured that over the cream cheese too. My grandma had sent me a great little container of Christmas treats so I threw those on a cute little plate and seriously...I had a moment of YOU ROCK DANNETTE. It looked like I had been preparing for hours when I had actually taken a fabulous nap while my soup was cooking away in the crockpot.

The kids are off all week, but I'm not (except for Sayler's birthday) so I'm going with some of my easiest meals this week. Since someone fed us for a Christmas get together today, I only have a few more days to worry about dinner. So here goes!

Tuesday-Pizza Titanics with turkey pepperoni

Wednesday-Movie (The Muppets) and dinner (Spaghetti Works, ssshhhh) for Sayler's Birthday!

Thursday-Leftover Chicken and Noodles and Mashed Potatoes

Friday-Hamburgers and Fries on the grill pan

Saturday-Kiddos going with grandparents so FREE NIGHT for hubby and I! Might go to a movie...but other than that a night at home might be lovely.

Sunday-Cheese Cavatelli & Salad

Happy New Year...I know right?? 2012 is countdown to Disneyworld! Blessings just never seem to end nowadays. How are you celebrating the new year?

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