Monday, December 5, 2011

Menu Plan Monday! The Staple Recipe Re-mix

I think we all have those staple dinners that we do every single week. Pizza, tacos, spaghetti, hamburgers...we make them over and over because our families love them and we don't have to make a list for the store because we have the ingredients memorized. This time of year I think we rely on these recipes more than ever because simplifying our daily lives in order to get all of your holiday planning done is necessary.

My kids are very picky eaters. The things they eat they love a lot, but there is so much that they won't even look at sideways. So here we go again with the staple least you won't have that fight at the dinner table of just try it! You will like it! Only for them to revolt and go make some cereal leaving you feeling like a dinnertime failure AGAIN.

This week I found some recipes that are all of our staple meals, but with a twist. Same flavors, same ingredients, just prepared in a different way. I'm not looking to make a bunch of new recipes this time of year as we all know every minute saved counts when you have so many things to do, but this mom needs something new on her menu! Cooking is a release for me and if I'm making the same things over and over I tend to get bored and then it becomes a chore.

So here is my menu plan this week. My Staple Recipes Re-mix. :)

Monday-Easy Spaghetti Pie-I of course make mine meatless as my children do not care for ground beef in most things, and my hubby actually prefers spaghetti meatless as well. Works for me as it's cheaper, healthier, and faster.

Tuesday-Crockpot BBQ Chicken-I've made this tons of times, it's about the easiest crowd pleasing-ist crockpot recipe I've found. This particular recipe adds a few more ingredients and it sounds like it would really punch the flavor up a bit. I might shred my piece up and put it on some bread and make a sammich. Yum!

Wednesday-Baked Chicken Parm-I have to tell you I am quite excited to make this dish. When you watch the video it is about as easy as you can get and it's seriously GENIUS. My tummy is rumbling just thinking about this one!

Thursday-Leftovers, Grilled Cheese, Soup-basically you are on your own!

**As I have stated before, we are a blended family. Every other weekend our children spend time with the other half of their families, moms, dads, grandparents and cousins. Double the love! This means we are alone and I can make things the kids might not love.

Friday-Taco Burgers in the grill pan-I look for any opportunity to use my grill pan...I love it so. I love anything that tastes anything like a taco. Tacos are my crack.

Saturday-Date Night with the hubby-Groupon time!

Sunday-Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese-My hubby LOVES macaroni & cheese. Something that I never make. My mom never made it as a meal, it was only a side dish in our house. I've never thought of mac & cheese as a whole meal...until I saw this recipe. I will be using Colby longhorn in my version as inspired by my sister-in-law's mother's mac & cheese recipe that I am in love with. I am going to surprise Nick with this so I am so hoping it turns out!

Make sure you visit for hundreds of awesome recipes...where do you think I find all this awesomeness??

What are your staple recipes?? Are your kids as picky as mine?

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