Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolutions...Doing the Panic!

What is it about a fresh new year that gets us all motivated to try to be super beings all of a sudden? I guess it's just what people do when the new year rolls around. You think about the things you would like to change which is usually something to do with our appearance...especially here in Iowa when you know it's going to go from cold to full on summer in no time. It's nice to hide out in your sweaters and hoodies for now, but you know those tank tops are coming soon! Everyone wants to be Fair-ready around here! (Iowans LOL, right??)

I think they should actually change it to New Year's Panic. Maybe because I'm already having a panic attack thinking about all those Oreo Bon Bons that were consumed and my summer wardrobe...YIKES!!

 Iowa Summer Forecast

So what is up with our obsession with our appearance? Is it a sin to worry so much about how we look? Ok I know that everyone's new thing is being "healthy" but if running or Kosama or Zumba made you healthier but not trimmer you bet my jiggly buns most people would not be doing it. It's the payoff right? To be able to feel good and look good in what you wear. People generally want to be thin and look nice. It's just a fact. I don't think there is anything wrong with taking pride in your appearance as long as you don't let your ego get in the way.

I might seem a bit obsessed with appearance when you see my posts on some of my passions like make-up and clothing and my creations from Polyvore. Before you judge me though, please realize that although I too want to look good in what I wear, I do love the creativity that comes with styling clothes and putting on make-up. To me it's no different than an artist who paints or a chef who creates an amazing meal out of simple ingredients.

I do love to look nice for my husband. I don't think it's right to get married and let yourself go and expect your husband to be attracted to you if you aren't at least making an effort. Now I know people put on a few pounds with babies and age and life...that's not what I am talking about. Life is pretty wicked nowadays, and there is temptation everywhere. You should always be working to keep your mates attention. I don't dress up in a dress every day and I definitely have my days where I don't look fantastic...but I certainly put forth an effort. When I read this 3 part series titled "How Do I Look", I realized I'm actually on the right track. I want my husband's eyes on ME!


Have you ever watched What Not to Wear? Seems kind of shallow I suppose but if you really watch the show you can see how it can really change a person's life. Stacy & Clinton are not wanting anyone to be something they are not, they are wanting them to feel good and shine so they can be the best person they already are. They are clothing educators, really. They explain how different cuts of clothing can take pounds off of your body and make you look your best. Clothes and hair and make-up make a huge difference in how we feel about ourselves and how we perform in the world.

See the difference a few extra pieces make?

I guess bottom line about any resolution for getting healthy or losing a few pounds is a good goal to have if it's right for you. Now how in the heck do you do that?? Pretty sure we all know that's about picking what works for you and your personality...if you need a few ideas check out my WW post on NYR. Heck if I was a weight loss expert my blog would be called skinnychill or something like that I guess.

Tons of my friends are doing Kosama. For those of you not familiar, it's one of those 6 days a week every day is something different kick your butt workout programs. I've seen great success with this program in my friends. The only downside is some of them become a bit obsessed with it. You start to see them looking at your fat rolls and you can just tell they are thinking of how they can recruit your jiggly butt in to their protein eating 5 AM world. Some of them also carry a "food police" badge which apparently gives them the right to let you know what you are eating is too full of sugar and fat or whatever. My theory is that they are super hungry and they want to talk about your food. of my besties is a Kosamite and she is cool about it all. I don't mean YOU buddy. :)

I actually wouldn't mind joining a program like Kosama, but I already wake up at 5 to get everyone where they need to be. Then I am running kids to and fro after work so not sure when I would squeeze that in. Maybe when the kids start driving??

My runnergrrrrl friend Nic-isn't she a cutie?

I was catching up reading one of my cute little friend's blogs "Even Me". She is a little runner girl who is recently become vegan and she is the epitome of a new year's resolution. It's so cute because she actually has goals on there like she still isn't doing enough in life. But you know good for her! I know that I will never run a marathon or even around the block for that matter. That doesn't mean that I still can't take a little inspiration away from her and others like her. It kind of got me thinking too, if she is still setting goals for herself, I'm sure she would appreciate a little shout out. Even a runner vegan girl probably needs to hear that she rocks, right? I think every girl needs to hear that on a daily basis. So Nic, you rock! Keep it up! :) Maybe her blog will inspire you to success!

 Ok! So for 2012...what are my resolutions? My goals? My hopes? My dreams? My fears?

All of the above I guess? I do have some specific things I would like to do this year:

1. Have a picnic lunch in a park far away somewhere. I bought the cutest picnic basket at a garage sale and I'm dying to use it. Plus I want to make my Twinkie strawberry shortcake using this method and this sandwich which I posted in my first WW.
2. Go to at least one movie in the park with my kids and some of my nieces and nephews
3. Go to the beach at least once. I have not been since I was a child.
4. Clean out my attic
5. Go to Disneyworld (cross that one of in May! YIPPEE!)
6. Have a dinner at my house for all of my church friends and children
7. Spend more time with my mom
8. Teach my children how to make their favorite meal or treat
9. Find the perfect purse
10. Chill ;)

Me in NY...happy. :)

Here is to looking and feeling fabulous is 2012!

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