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Window Wednesday-New Year's Resolution Edition

I know resolutions can be stupid. I know they go away as fast as the ball drops in Times Square but they are still fun. Plus I think it's nice to have goals in life so why not start some in the new year? This article has the top 10 resolutions for 2012. Let's see if we can tackle a few of them for this edition of Window Wednesday!

If you are a list maker, you can print this cute free printable  here.

Moving More & Eating Less...Office Style

I live work in an office where there is food in every room. Well, not food exactly. Usually something with frosting, glaze, or cream cheese. I'm pretty good at resisting until around 3:00. Some time around 3:00 you need a little "pick me up" I guess. Add to the food issue that I sit in a chair for 8 hours a day. This adds serious poundage to your you-know-what. Not to mention the stress that office jobs can bring. Here are some great Yoga Poses you can do at your desk to help you de-stress and create energy. This article on fighting the afternoon blahs in the office has some great tips for that 3:00 "pick me up" issue.

It's so hard to squeeze in exercise when you are a busy working mom. There is a group of gals here at work that bring their running shoes every day and walk on their breaks. Looks like they are on to something. This article explains that small spurts of exercise throughout the day may be more effective than doing it all at once. I used to walk on my breaks too and it was such a nice way to break away from the desk and the brain sucking lights of the office. (Ever see Joe vs the Volcano?) Two 15 minute breaks = 30 minutes of exercise. So it's not a marathon...who cares? Remember the Chillmoms Bare Minimum Lifestyle Plan? Sometimes the bare minimum isn't too darn shabby if you do it right.

(Joe getting his brains sucked out)

Did anyone get their kids a new Wii or Xbox360 Kinect for Christmas? My kids have both and there are so many awesome games that 1. get you off the couch and 2. get some great family time in. I think it's nice to assign a night for this if you can. Pick one game to play and go at it for an hour. Who cares how many calories you burn, you are burning more than you are sitting on the couch! Plus you just can't top spending time with your kids doing something they love to do. It's a win win! A few games that we just got and will be trying out is Wipeout for the Wii, Gunstringer & Fruit Ninja for the Kinect and Just Dance 3 for the Wii. My daughter also received Exerbeat for the Wii which looks like lots of fun. I love kickboxing on the Wii. They usually have great sound effects that make it so fun!

Eat More Fruits & Veggies

I'm not the most adventurous eater ever, but the older I get, the braver I get. I have tried more veggies and it turns out I don't hate all of them. This awesome seasonality chart is great for knowing when food is at it's yummiest! Plus it's just cute as all get out.

Being that I haven't always eaten a lot of veggies, I'm not sure how to cook them when I decide to add them to my menu. This awesome cheat sheet conquers that problem STAT.

If you are trying to cut back on calories but still want to eat normal food, and better yet, food you can serve your family, I love this site. She includes WW points for anyone following that plan as well. If you are wanting a way to keep track of what's going in your mouth, this site and this site are both free and awesome for that.

Hee Hee

I don't think it's possible to reach any goals without getting yourself organized. For me that is a daily struggle. This is a site I visit daily for organizing inspiration. She breaks everything down to little steps so it's not so overwhelming. Organizing has never been my strong point. I bought her book  and I ended up downloading it on to my Nook for quick reference. Every page has a simple yet genius idea of organizing everything in your life. She teaches you that it's a process and if you have a place for everything, everything can be put back in it's place. Simple and genius! I also link up to her menu plan Mondays and have found so many great recipes on there for my family as well.

Whenever I purge our excess stuff, I always want to make sure it goes to where it's needed the most. I found this great list of who needs what and where to take it.

I'm no expert at saving money that's for sure! I like to spend money but even more than that I love to get a good deal. I rarely go anywhere without a coupon of some sort. I rely on tons of sites that allow us to still have fun but save a few in the process. Make sure you are checking your group buy sites daily! Here is a site that breaks down all of the deals for lots of the group buy sites daily. She does all of the work for you!

Before you buy ANYTHING on the net..and I mean ANYTHING, make sure you are going through Ebates or Mr Rebates first! You don't have to do a thing but go through their site and in a few days after your purchase you have a few extra dollars sitting on your account you can redeem in a number of ways. You are going to buy it anyway so why not get something out of it?

Before you buy ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING on the net...make sure you check for coupon codes first! You can get everything from cash off to free shipping to free samples with coupon codes. My favorite site for coupon codes is they seem to have the most reliable coupons out there and the most current.

I have a few favorite sites that I like to check for good deals around the net, new coupons being offered and overall saving money advice. This site finds the best deals on Amazon and group buy sites daily. She helped me find some of the best deals this year for Christmas shopping. This site has all of the latest coupons and deal match ups. She really teaches you how to stretch a dollar! This site matches up coupons against sales going on at Hy-Vee, Walgreen's and Target. You can sometimes get things for FREE.

I used this site when I was saving up for my Honeymoon. The cool thing was that people could actually donate to it if they wanted to. I am now using it to save for spending money for our Disney vacation in May. Now they have a card you can use with the account. It's like having a big fat gift card. You earn interest on the money you have saved too.

You know all of those little samples of deodorant and face wash and soap etc you get in the mail? I like to put all of these in a basket in the closet. When it comes time for a little road trip I hit up my stash. You ever visit the travel size aisle? It can get a little pricey! Just remember to put a tiny pair of scissors (which I keep in the basket) for those hard to open shampoo samples. They can get a little slippery in the shower! This site has freebies like these and tons of others daily. Everyone likes free stuff!

Looking to spend a little extra time with your family at little or no cost? There are lots of things you can do to tighten your bond as a family or even with each child individually.

While you are cooking the nightly meal or baking, grab one or all of your children. I like to do it one on one as my kitchen cannot accommodate too many hands in the kitchen. I think that cooking is such an important skill that many young people lack. Teach them now and they will thank you for it later. It's a nice time to catch up with a child one on one too.

Remember the video game night I had suggested earlier? Make it any game! There are board games that are collecting dust in your closet right now. You'd be surprised at how much fun a simple night like this can be. The kids absolutely adore the time with you too. Time is hard to come by nowadays!

Visit the library together. I love all of the resources the library offers. Free books, entertainment, projects, and reading programs for the children with great incentives to keep them reading. I'm an audiobook junkie myself!

Have an all day rest day...don't even get out of those jammies! Make a day together on the weekend where you all can sleep in, relax, watch some movies, play some games, whatever you all care to do. No homework, no a snow day without the snow. I think I'll go ahead and schedule one of these for us soon. :)

SO...with all of these resolutions, which ones am I going to make?? Which ones will you?? Do you make resolutions or even mental goals every year for you and your family? I'm still pondering mine which I'm sure you will see in a future post.

Hope you all had a great 2011. I'm looking forward to 2012!

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