Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dose of Beauty-Frugal Edition!

Since I am participating in the 31 Days of Nothing Challenge hosted by Learning the Frugal Life, I'm trying my hardest to get in the spirit of things. Frugality doesn't come easy to me I must admit. I might love a good bargain, but that's only because I like to use what I've saved to buy something MORE. Reading her post seriously made me shudder and I thought maybe a dose of nothing would be good for my soul.

Today's post is about frugal beauty methods! I adore make-up and beauty products...I am a V.I.B at Sephora. I used to be quite proud of that but that just means I spend a heck of a lot of money in that store. In my defense I have extremely sensitive skin and I do have to use certain types of makeup, but I can't really use that defense when I'm buying an eyeshadow now can I? Over the years of reading make-up blogs I've picked up a few of the best beauty tips, and these particular tips are frugal and I didn't even realize it. Maybe this challenge won't be so hard after all! ;)

Aspirin Mask-buy a bottle of generic, non-coated aspirin. I find it for $1.00. Put two pills in the palm of your hand and add a few drops of water. Slowly rub them in the palm of your hand until it becomes a paste. Apply this to your face and wear it for about 5 minutes, and wash off. Aspirin contains salicylic acid and helps take dead skin cells off of your face. You won't believe how smooth your skin feels afterward. Do this about once a week and you will see a huge improvement in your skin.

Cornstarch & Baking Soda Deodorant-I haven't done this yet but I've been wanting to. I've heard for years how deodorant isn't good for you...but goodness it's so convenient...and pricey!! This recipe is extremely simple and these reviews are phenomenal. Maybe I can dig around and find a cute little jar to keep it in...

Queen Helene Mask is awesome for keeping acne at bay. When your skin starts to get that bumpy oily feeling, use this mask. It helps keep your pores clean and just brightens it up all around. I've used this mask for over 10 years and I swear by it. It's around $4 and lasts forever.

Vaseline-now I know Vaseline has been around forever, but sometimes people forget about this little jar of miraculousness. NOTHING softens lips like Vaseline does. (I actually just bought a itty bitty tub of this for my daughter to carry in her backpack. It was the size of a quarter! SO cute! Oh wait, that's not very frugal of was Christmas though so it doesn't count!) You can also put this on your eyelashes and people swear it helps them grow. Here is a list of 50 things you can do with Vaseline...I liked the chocolate lipgloss idea!

Speaking of Vaseline, Paula Begoun was on Dr. Oz once with some of her beauty tips. One of them was for dry cracked feet. Before bed, swipe them with a Stridex pad (containing 2% salicylic acid), cover the area with Vaseline, 100% cocoa butter or any deep moisturizer you have on hand, and put some socks on. Sleep like this for a week and you will see results. Creams for dry, cracked feet are very pricey so this is a great alternative. I've done this in the past and for my poor husband's sake I think it's time to give it another go...

Speaking of Paula and feet...those pedicures & manicures sure aren't cheap are they? If you are following the challenge but are missing your foot time, here is Paula's prescription for the perfect at home manicure & pedicure...this is a great thing to do if you have daughters. Which I do. :)

I hope these frugal beauty tips help you out, whether you are on a challenge or not! I would love to hear if any of you have any beauty tips you use...let me know!

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  1. Thank you for joining the Frugal Tuesday Tip this week! I love your tips because beauty is rarely addressed. I have always used vaseline to remove eye makeup since I was 10 (I was dancing).

  2. Julie sorry I didn't link back to you all..I just fixed that! It's funny because my kids know that Vaseline is our go to for everything! I'll have to post a pic of the little tiny one I found...thanks for letting me link up!