Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How I Conquered Free Samples!

We all sign up for free samples here and there, or we receive them in the mail or at the store only to be put in a drawer or on the bathroom counter or hey maybe you use yours to try new things. I've done all of the above. I came up with a better solution for mine and not only does it fit in with being organized, it's also a frugal solution which I must admit gives me a jolt of satisfaction. I love Hey It's Free! He seems to stay right on top of every type of freebie out there and he lets you know when they are dead which is nice.

I suppose I have to admit up front that I've always been a freebie junkie, which is why I had to conquer this problem in the first place. I would get that thrill of yay! something for free! and then put it somewhere where I just know I will use it and it would stay there for goodness knows how long. One day that changed however, when I took my little family on a weekend trip to Minnesota. I had just received a great sample of Fredric Fekkai shampoo from Costco and was dying to try it out. I packed it along with a sample of deodorant I had received. Those little deodorants are pretty expensive in the travel section, and I always worry about shampoo leaking out all over the place. Product samples are made to hold up for travel and they are more compact. It was way more luxurious than the hotel shampoo, which usually leaves my hair tangled. Nothing leaked out and it all fit in this awesome little travel clutch I got for FREE at Ulta.

So now whenever I receive a free sample of shampoo, toothpaste, face wash, moisturizer, deodorant, Kleenex, Shout wipes, sunscreen, shaving cream or lotion I put it here:

(Whenever I order my fave cleansing oil from DHC that I obsessed about here, they give you 4 free samples. I always pick the cleansing oil so that I always have it with me for trips! This stuff leaks terribly and it's too expensive to waste even a drop!)
When we are ready to go on a trip, (like Disneyworld in May!!) I pack it in this little clutch that was also filled with free samples:

The greatest part is that I know exactly where to put the sample when I receive it, and exactly where it is when I'm ready to pack!

Which is right here in these cute little containers I found at a second hand shop. I do keep all of the face wash and moisturizer in a little basket so that I can easily grab one if I need it.

This is going to be awesome for my Disney Trip, and my yearly sales convention coming in May! Saves me lots of money and time!


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