Monday, January 9, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Monday-Vegetarian Chili in Crockpot-We are having friends over for dinner from church. How I've missed them so! They are vegetarian's and I found this great recipe. I chopped everything up last night and popped it in the crock this morning. It smelled so good! I also laid out a butter braid from a fundraiser to rise this morning. I work until 4:30 and they will be there at 5 so that's how I roll. :)

Before I left it looked like this:

I wish this had smell-o-vision

Tuesday-crispy pizza burritos-Sayler doesn't care for ground beef so when I make crispy burritos, I make her the pizza version. I take the tortilla and put cheese and turkey pepperoni and a little sauce and wrap them up like a burrito and fry them in the oil for 2 minutes or so. They are like pizza pockets and pretty darn good..oh and frugal as all get out.

Wednesday-Christmas with family-chili in crockpot-luckily I had beef and beans all stockpiled so this didn't cost me much. I have to work this day also so the crockpot will have to do all of the work!

Thursday-Grilled Cheese & Pepper Sandwiches and leftover chili (LOL)-I haven't made these yet but my mouth is watering just looking at that recipe. I am using a colby jack pepper cheese I get int the deli.

Friday-Tombstone Pizza & salad-2 pieces is super satisfying and in a good calorie range. They also had them on sale and I had a coupon!

Saturday-The Frugal Date Night in on a diet no less! Talk about a challenge! I found the perfect recipe for a number of reasons. 1. It's been unseasonably warm winter here in Iowa 2. The kids wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole 3. I found this chicken sausage on sale and had a coupon 4. clean up will be a snap!
So what is this magical recipe? I will adapt these Potato-Sausage Foil Packets for Two! Ahhh that sounds kind of romantic doesn't it? Instead of using the grill, I'm going to pop these in the crockpot!
Foil packets in the crock? GENIUS.

What you all got cooking this week? Need some ideas? Visit!


  1. Thanks I'm looking forward to it! ha ha ha! Aahhhh sweet food!