Sunday, January 1, 2012

Menu Plan Monday...Lighten Up Dude!!

Here it is, 2012 and I am ready for it. Not sure why but for some reason I can feel the possiblities of a fresh new year in the air. We made it through the holidays and the tree is down and I spent my New Year's Weekend getting things organized for the new year. We are going to Disney in May and it makes me feel like I've accomplished something so big already. To be able to take my family on a trip like that is something I never thought would be possible. God just keeps blessing my little family over and over and over again.

I am ready to make some small changes to our eating habits. I hate to use the word "diet" but for lack of a better word...I am putting my husband and I on a diet. We both need to lose a few pounds for health sakes and yes I would love to look better in my clothes. After all of that rich food over the holidays it sounds refreshing to lighten things up a bit. I love to lighten up my favorite recipes or sneak in extra nutrition where I can. I am looking forward to it actually. I'm still sticking to my Chillmoms Bare Minimum Lifestyle Plan...although I won't be taking the time to put the nutritionals on here, you can trust that these are all lower calorie recipes. :)

So here is my lightened up menu plan for the first fabulous week of 2012!

My Breakfast-yogurt with 2 TB of granola and fruit of choice...I've been doing this for the past few months and it's so yummy and filling and easy. It's my go to breakfast. I wish I could say I'm using Greek yogurt but the truth is I can't stand the stuff. It's like a mouthful of sour cream. I like to use AE light yogurt in french vanilla bean. I keep a container with a TB from the Dollar Tree at work in my cupboard along with a bunch of plastic spoons. The only thing I have to do is grab the yogurt and throw it in my purse.

My Lunches-I've been on a Progresso Soup kick. I adore their Southwestern Vegetable Soup. It has a little kick to it and the black beans inside keep me full for a long time. I bought some awesome turkey lunch meat from the deli counter and I found fully cooked TURKEY  bacon FINALLY!!!! The difference one strip of bacon can make on a sandwich is unbelievable. So turkey/tomato/bacon sandwich on Arnold's Deli Thins and some soup. Sounds pretty good for a light lunch.

Evening Snacks if needed will be popcorn, a cup of green tea, or chips using my new micro chip maker from Pampered Chef. I also bought our family a Yonanas ice cream maker but I think I'll wait until next week to bust that sucker out. It's our first week back in the swing of things I don't want to put too much on myself.

Our Dinners

Monday-Black Bean Veggie Tacos for Meatless Monday. I use whole grain tortillas and of course my fave Kramer's salsa!

Tuesday-Flat Out Pizzas with salad-I make Nick & I *Funky Cold Medina* specials. I use mini turkey pepperoni, jalepenos, roasted red peppers, green pepper, onion, pineapple and red pepper flakes.

Wednesday-Diet Cola Chicken-It's funny this was an old WW recipe that I used to make years ago and my husband and kids adore it. I will serve it with corn succotash.

Thursday-Low Cal Taco Pizza-I've been wanting to attempt a lighter version of a taco pizza...I might adapt this recipe a bit to our tastes

Friday-HUBBY DUTY-Breakfast for Dinner! Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and hash browns in a tortilla with hot sauce for me! My husband rocks at breakfast. :)

Saturday-Eating Out with Friends

Sunday-You are on your own! Leftovers or soup or WHATEVA!

Let me know if you have any awesome lightened up recipes...I'd love some new ideas!

For more great recipe ideas and organizing ideas, visit and get your meal planning on! It honestly changed my life. No more dinner time meltdowns, no more ordering pizza at the last minute and no more missing one ingredient for every dish. :)


  1. I am loving the recipe for Diet Cola Chicken! I bookmarked it!

  2. A quick tip...when you first pour it in it looks quite scary and you think it will never patient it sets up right at the end! Thanks for stopping by!