Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Window Wednesday-Frugal Edition

I am always looking for a good deal. Before I go anywhere, I do a quick scan on the net or through my coupons to make sure I don't have something that will get me a few bucks off. Today we'll check out some sites that do so much work to make sure we all save a few extra bucks...bless their little hearts.

Before I go grocery shopping, I make sure I check out Becentsable to keep up on all the hot new high dollar coupons. I also like to check out Learning the Frugal Life and Penny Pinchin Mom for my local grocery store match-ups. These girls do so much work it's a shame not to take advantage of it.

Before I go to any fast food restaurant, I make sure I check out Mommy Saves Big and Wow Coupons. If I'm going out to eat, I make sure I google the restaurant's name with the word coupon and you can find great deals that way. I found on for the Spaghetti Works recently that led me to their Facebook for a very rare printable coupon. It's always worth taking a few minutes to search around.

Group buy sites are extremely popular and with good reason. My dating life has been re-invented thanks to sites like Groupon, Living Social, DSM Daily and Dealchicken. My husband and I just went on a date during my 31 Days of Nothing Challenge and used a Groupon I had bought previously for the movie theater. 2 tickets, 2 medium drinks and a large popcorn for $11. Since I had bought the Groupon in December we were allowed under my challenge rules to use this. It was such a nice evening and didn't cost me a dime. (Except for the $11 that I had paid previously!) If you want to get in on all of the universal deals, check out Groupbuygirl who breaks it all down in one spot.

Before I buy anything off of the net, first I visit a rebate site like E-Bates and ride the link right on through. It's pretty slick because a few days later you have some money sitting there! Before I check out of any site, I visit RetailMeNot...they have the best coupon codes available for everything out there.

You can make a few extra bucks with some of your "stuff" on sites like E-bay and Craig's List, but you can also find community swap pages on Facebook that receive a much quicker response, or you can use Yardsellr which groups items in to "blocks" can follow a "block" or sell something in a block. I have some old Beatles items that I have been looking to sell and I believe I would have greater success with this site since the buyers are following a Beatles "block".

Do you have a ton of books and DVDs sitting around that you never read or watch? Run them out the Half Price Bookstore...they will give you cash and you do not have to use it in the store. This is an easy way to de-clutter and make some easy money. You could probably make more selling them individually but it's a lot bigger pain! If you have furniture or art or sometimes even clothing, you can take them to consignment shops like Grimes Garage Consignment or the Classy Closet. These are also fabulous places to shop!

So there you have it. Tons of places for you to save a buck or two...who doesn't want to do that??

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