Monday, February 27, 2012

Menu Plan Monday Greatest Hits

Have any of you watched Forks over Knives yet? If not, go rent it, or Netflix it and watch it pronto. I am not against meat, I actually love meat....but as you get older you start to really care about what you are doing to your body in all forms. This movie will open your eyes in a good way.

So last week a vendor came in and gave us the follow up to FOK, Engine 2 Rescue. It has this dude who has been vegan forever, and he is all ripped and OH his name is Rip! even if you don't plan on going vegan anytime soon, I would still recommend you watching this just for the label reading info. Plus some of his recipes look seriously good. I think even a few vegan meals a week would do a body good. It isn't released on DVD until March 13th, but it is currently available on Netflix. He also has a website with some of the recipes here.

Now my little brain is working to try to mentally re-work many of my recipes in to vegan recipes. Will I be a full on vegan? Gosh you know I can't imagine me doing that....but my husband and I did do the CHIP program through our church, and we were vegan for over a month and we totally survived. And we both felt fabulous too! I'm not promising anything, but I'm certainly ready for the challenge! I would have to do away with my beloved yogurt parfaits....but this could easily replace and boy are my lips smacking just looking at it.

Until then, I have some meat to use up! I'm going to make my absolute know just in case. :)

Monday-Veggie Pizzas
Tuesday-Tacos....tacos are the one thing that I don't know if I can totally give up. Tacos have been my fave since I was a tiny little thing...and the bean versions do not cut it. I'm a ground beef taco gal...and I don't know if I can do the soy crumbles...just that name gives me the willies.
Wednesday-Hamburgers on the grill pan...with all the veggie fixins....mmmmm!
Thursday-Pantry Chili-whatever I have on hand is going in!
Friday-Tombstone Pizza! Extra Cheeeeeeeeese
Saturday-Out for my birthday. :)
Sunday-Freezer Potluck!

Go enjoy something that you love this week!

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