Monday, February 13, 2012

Menu Plan Monday!

I just came off of a migraine free weekend! You can't imagine how fantastic it feels to not have an icepick in your eye for a few days. Even though I can take meds to help me get rid of it, they leave me groggy and fatigued and I hate taking them! Weekends are supposed to be a balance of relaxation and catching up on housework and laundry and menu planning for the week ahead. Not easy when you are in pain and/or tired.

I've been really paying attention to my energy level after certain things that I eat like things with too much sugar. I've also noticed a difference when I eat something that doesn't have enough of certain things like protein and fiber. And goodness since I've gotten that darn Keurig coffee maker here at work, I know I haven't had enough water either! You can really tell a difference in the way you feel when you aren't taking care of yourself. I still struggle with that due to my physical issues and time issues, but I am trying really hard to do a little better.

So I got this magazine subscription to Clean Eating for $5.99 on some deal site. I thought what the heck if I don't like anything in it I'll give it to my BFF who likes pretty much everything. (how I envy that quality!) I did end up giving her the first few issues only because most of the recipes aren't adaptable enough for my picky little family. I just got my new issue however, and it is full of recipes that my kids would eat. Very simple ingredients too. I am getting kind of addicted to feeling normal, and I'm finally realizing that diet is a huge part of that process. I do make pretty good choices for my family, but we could all use a boost of nutrition.

So I'm not going all crazy as I sometimes tend to do, but I'm going to slowly introduce some things in to my kids world. I read in Clean Eating that a good way to get kids to try new things is to introduce one new thing a week and see if they like it. I'm not too confident they will be too crazy about to many things, but it might make them a little bolder in at least TRYING things.

This week I have some peppers to use up. Wish me luck. ;)

Monday-Meatless Spaghetti & Salad-I am going to use my manual food processor on some bell peppers and add them to the sauce. My kids hate chunks of any kind in spaghetti but I know I can get them small enough to go undetected. This isn't for them to try, it's to sneak in some nutrition.

Tuesday-Crockpot Chicken Fajitas with a dose of pineapple...I make this pretty simple but I am going to add a touch of fresh pineapple. It's a killer combination and I want the kids to at least give it a shot.

Wednesday-Subway at home-I bought the cutest little whole grain loaves of bread from Hy-Vee, perfect for little subs! I have fixins that I'm going to try to push on the kids. There's always soup if they don't like it.

Thursday-Easy Crockpot BBQ Chicken-I scored some of Annie's homestyle mac & cheese on sale...I'm going to give it a shot with the kiddos and see if they even notice a difference!

Friday-Pizza Sandwiches-I don' think I'll get any veggies on these for my kids, but mine will be loaded.

Saturday-I am going to reward my children and take them OUT. They are such great little kids!

Sunday-I am having family over and I am still debating on what to make...hmmmmmm....I'll update you later on.

I will probably jump over to to find a new recipe!


  1. I used to get 2-3 migraines a month for 11 years. Last August, I stopped taking opioids and haven't had a migraine since!
    I've also greatly reduced the amount of processed foods I eat.
    It sounds like you're on a good path.

    1. Wow that is wonderful news for you! Thank you I am willing to give anything and everything a try at this point!