Monday, February 27, 2012

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower & Jungle Safari Shower BACK-TO-BACK

Last year my sister-in-law and I threw two baby showers back-to-back in the same weekend. It was CRAZY. But it was also fun. We made a deal, if we could use her house, I would plan it all and do all of the shopping. Since she likes to keeps her house perfect, and I love to plan, it was a perfect arrangement.

Since we were throwing two showers back-to-back, and I had church, and my daughter had her dance pictures...even I had to simplify. I decided on the menus first.

Rubber Ducky Shower Menu:

Beefburgers w/Duckie Cheese (we used a duckie cookie cutter to cut out Kraft Singles)
Chips, Salsa, & Veggies
Duck Feed (I made up a snack mix with chickadee cheese crackers from Target, white chocolate chips, pretzels and dried cherries)
Cake, Blue Punch and Water
Favors: Bubbles (Oreo Bon-Bons dipped in blue candy melt)

Safari/Jungle Shower Menu:

Safari Sandwiches (mini meatball sandwiches)
Chips, Dip & Veggies
Strawberry Cheeseball with Animal Crackers
Cupcakes, Jungle Juice and Water
Favors: Iced Elephant Cookies

Now we didn't get all Martha on the decorations. My sister-in-law's house is very beautiful and open and cozy and it was just perfect. Here are the D's that I did capture.

This was my rubber ducky cake. I used my grandma's roasting pan to make the cake. I used regular canned frosting and swirled it around on the top. I then used that color spray paint to make it look like water. I used that little white sparkly glaze in a tube to make the little bubbles on top. I found that sweet little chocolate duck at the Dollar Tree for $1.00! I used a bendy straw for the faucet and I had bought the hot and cold handles at Menard's on a clearance shelf a few years ago and sat on it just to make this cake as I knew it was somewhere in my future.

I don't like wasting too much money on fancy plates and napkins because they will really put a dent in your budget. My solution for this is to just buy them for the dessert table.

I bought a glass bowl and filled it with Styrofoam and clear glass balls. I had found a duckie photo holder (which I gave to my sister-in-law for the nursery) and added that in with a copy of the shower invite. The duck feed was put in sand pails. I picked up the other ducks here and there...I swear I started to see them everywhere!

This ended up being pretty tasty! I think it's nice to have something out to munch on while guests are waiting and/or playing games.

This was before we added the ice cream. I found that little duck at World Market. He really looked like he was having a good ole time in the punch!

I found that little paper mache duck in the dollar section at Michael's. I told you...everywhere!

I bought the CUTEST mini bottles of water at Costco and had them chilling on ice. They looked so pretty!

I bought a piece of scrapbook paper for the guests to sign. I also used some scrapbooking stickers to add a copy of the shower invite. I thought when the babies get a little older and the mommies have time to scrapbook, they could add this if they wish.

And finally, nobody left without a packaged "bubble"! I found these little boxes on clearance at the Dollar Tree for 50 cents! I then glued the little duckies I found at Michael's to the box and placed the bubble inside. I am a big fan of edible favors because I know they will get eaten instead of tossed out.

 The next day...we rocked this one out. :)

I made strawberry cupcakes (pink!) with those cute little cheetah cupcake wrappers. They are sitting on a vintage stand that belonged to my mother-in-law.

I watched a Youtube video on how to make a diaper cake, and whipped this up in about an hour. I found that awesome box of Lily Pulitzer Animal Crackers...seriously how cute is that box for a baby girl's jungle shower?? Oh and before you make fun of my monkey as my children did, my boss donated that to me. She had won it and it was hanging in her cubicle with a tiny cowboy hat on it. :)

This is a mix from Tastefully Simple...a strawberry (pink!) cheeseball with animal crackers, chocolate animal crackers, and some cool little hippo cookie type things I found at the World Market. Love that place!

I also found this awesome Lion candy bar. How could I not buy it?? I "heard" it was kind of like a Baby Ruth...

Stop monkeying around in our jungle juice!! Another World Market find!

More paper mache animals from Michael's!

Nobody leaves without a pink elephant! When I bought this icing it showed a sweet baby pink on the front. Imagine my surprise when this hot pink came out! They still turned out pretty cute.

So there you have it. Two showers, one weekend. It was worth all of the work as I now have a beautiful niece and a handsome nephew and I am an Aunt again!

Me holding baby Ian

Nick holding baby Madeleine

My sister-in-law Kerry with her widdle Lion! Roar!

My sister-in-law Jen with my niece Maddie on her Baptism Day!

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  1. Great post! I especially love the bathtub cake. :)

    1. Your niece and nephew are adorable. My son's name happens to be Ian, too!

    2. They are little dolls aren't they? Babies bring such a joyous energy to everything! I love the name Ian! It's a great boy name!!

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