Thursday, February 9, 2012

Window Wednesday! Thursday Edition!

Hey life is like that sometimes, right? Sometimes you have to do Wednesday things on Thursday or Friday or whenever. So this week we are going to peek in on some cool/inspiring fun things I've seen this week and keep it real chill.

I read this article  this week and it's been sitting around in my mind ever since. Even at my thinnest, I am a curvy gal. I've learned to embrace it, but reading this inspired me to be a little kinder to myself. I am extremely hard on myself and I would be lying if I said that the beauty magazines that I obsess over aren't partially to blame. Then when I saw this girl who is sweeping the web, I think, who wants to look like that? In all fairness she was born like that, but I still think there is a lot of too skinny going on out there.

So speaking of too much skinny...;) last night my kids got some Shamrock Shakes. Gosh how I adore the Shamrock Shake. The color alone is worthy of a nail polish color...hello OPI??? Anyway, I can't have them anymore because I am lactose intolerant and they make me absolutely miserable. I thought I would Google a milk free copycat recipe. You can imagine my surprise when I went on to Iowagirleats and she had whipped up a dairy free version of the Shamrock Shake! Helllurrrrrr!!
So speaking of comfort (food), I saw this version of healthy Hamburger Helper that really got my lips smacking. I could eat my weight in Hamburger Helper. (I stole that line from my grandma) I wonder if it's still considered healthy if I ate the whole dang thing myself? Hey my family hates HH and I hate to waste food ok??

Speaking of not wasting food, would it be awesome to take some leftovers for lunch to work in this awesome lunch crock? I am obsessed with my crockpot I would love to have this portable version in blue please! It's so cheap I don't know why I haven't ordered it yet. Hmmmm...cha-ching!

Speaking of spending money, (hee-hee) I just ordered my second tube of my new favorite mascara in the whole wide world. I originally bought this Tarte Lights, Camera, Action mascara as a Black Friday special for $10. It will now have a permanent home in my bag for life. Or until they improve upon it. The packaging alone makes it worthy to display. I might carry it around in my pocket like "Revenge of the Nerds".

Speaking of beauty it's close to my birthday which means I will be getting my hair done soon. I sure wish I could get the image of this beautiful hair out of my head before I go. Me. Wants. BAD.

 I will leave you with this seriously wrong but funny as H story about Missing Missy. If you are easily offended, please do not click on the link.  It never gets old. This one is seriously, seriously, seriously wrong but even funnier. Please do not click on this unless you know for sure you won't hate me for being a bad person and laughing at this OUT LOUD. I am so wrong. These have been around for years and the second one has actually been turned in to a book. Looks like I'm not the only bad person out there. Phew!

 Smile! The week is almost over!


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