Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Acorn Cupcakes for a Work Shower

I was asked to make a cake for a work baby shower. They actually asked me to make one of my "special cakes"...to which I replied, what special cakes? I just use cake mixes and canned frosting most of the time. I guess that just proves that you don't have to be the Ace of Cakes to make an impression. Jazzing up a cake mix using ideas from the Cake Mix Doctor, or decorating with simple fun ideas can not only bring people joy, but can bring you some as well.

So anyway, I was asked to make a cake for a work baby shower, and when I asked what kind of cake, they didn't have any ideas, but sent me her bedding choice from her registry at Target. She was having a boy and was doing the nursery in the Woodland Creature Bedding Set. It looks like this:

It only took one minute for me to decide what I was going to do. I saw that little acorn that little squirrel was holding and way back in my internet memory bank (this was before Pinterest!) I remembered some cute little Hershey Kiss acorns that I'd been wanting to make forever. I decided I would use them as toppers for cupcakes and VOILA my "special" cupcakes were created.

I also decided to use a Butter Pecan cake mix as it's not overly sweet and it's a great color. Add some cream cheese frosting and VOILA I was done.

So here is how I did it. I found these on the internet somewhere, but it's been forever ago so I can't give the right credit. If you google Hershey's Kiss acorns you will find a million of them. :)

You will need to make up cupcakes or cake or whatever you prefer. Then you need mini Nilla wafers, chocolate chips and Hershey's Kisses. I bought the air delights just for fun.

One of the most time consuming parts of this is unwrapping all of those kisses. Get your kids on it if you can trust them not to eat them all!

Spread a little frosting on the Nilla wafer (if I did this again I would use chocolate) then attach the kiss.

I happened to have a little icing writer so I used that to add some frosting to the top to attach the chocolate chip.

I honestly thought these might fall apart easily, but they didn't. Not even in a Tupperware bowl through a bumpy ride to work.

It really didn't take long to pump all of these out. I had the cupcakes made and cooling off to the side. After I iced them I added one of these to the top.

It's not perfect by any means, but it's perfectly cute! Since I didn't want to make more than one batch of cupcakes, I decided to make a cake to go along with it.

I used some of the acorns to decorate up the stand...or if someone wanted to try one without eating another cupcake...they are tasty little things!

The cake turned out pretty cute too. See? Super simple, super delicious, and super duper cute. :)

Keep these in your memory bank when fall comes...or Thanksgiving!


  1. thank you for this fun idea!!

  2. That is so simple and clever! thanks

    1. I totally stole the idea...I'm just sharing! :)