Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME! :)

It's days like this that make you skip around with happiness...or wait, maybe it's the sugar I've been pumping in all day!

My wonderful husband sent me these PERFECT roses...I will never, ever get tired of getting flowers!

The coolest part about having a Monday birthday is that I get to have these on my desk all week!

My birthday twin Christine gave me this beautiful rose and balloon too!

My best friend hooked me up with some super cute new PJ's!

My good friend Myla gave me this awesome little basket with a red velvet cupcake candle, hot tamales, a little Simon game and a $20 gift card...not to mention some Starbucks! Yum!

A buddy of mine hooked me up with this awesome T-shirt...I hope my kids don't steal it!

I've also scored:
Iphone case, travel pillow, body wash, loofah, and new PJ's from hubby and kids
Pedicure from my sister & brother-in-law and family
GC to Starbucks from my hubby's (& mine!) friends
Ca$h from my stepgrandmother
A massage at work from a co-worker

Gosh what a great birthday so far. I was all down about turning 37 too. Now I'm like hey Dannette! You've lived 37 years and have made some of the best friends, you have the sweetest and coolest kids, and are married to one of the cutest boys in the universe.

Love to you all!


  1. Happy birthday! Seems like you had a pretty great one:)

    1. They don't get much better! Thank you!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Stopping by from the hop

    1. Thank you for the birthday wi and for stopping by! I'm going to pay you a visit too!

  3. happy birthday!!! i never tire of getting flowers, too!!