Monday, March 12, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

I am going try a few new things this week, but for the most part keep it very simple as soccer is starting back up, and we have conferences. I've learned if I make an aggressive meal plan we end up hitting up the fast food.

Monday-Panko Chicken Sandwiches....if these turn out I will post recipe later

Tuesday-Leftover Panko Chicken Wraps-I'm going to make extra on Monday so we can have a quick dinner before our first soccer practice

Wednesay-Tacos-when are tacos ever wrong? Yum!

Thursday-Taco Spaghetti-I'm going to use the leftover taco meat for this...I made it one other time and it was so good. I will post recipe later!

Friday-I'm going to have Nick grill something out as it's supposed to be lovely.

Saturday-We have the kiddos so I'm thinking we might make some chicken wings as it's been their obsession as of late.

Sunday-frozen food potluck

How is your week shaping up? You need some meal ideas? Go to and get your menu plan on!

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