Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sometimes it's the little things...

It's funny how when you have something pretty in your home it can make you happy every single time you see it. I have no rules when I decorate. If it makes me smile or pleases my will be on my wall or in a cranny somewhere. Here's a few things that bring me simple joy.

I saw this somewhere...probably on Pinterest! I copied it and just looking at it makes me smile! I always have tons of cupcake liners that I pick up here and there and I love to see them displayed!

Cupcakes from a party, my dutch letter bars and some of Quinn's EZ Bake cupcakes
I bought this at a garage sale for $5, and even though it barely fits anything, I love to put leftover baked goods in it because it looks all Martha.

My kitchen is decorated with pop art, more specifically, the Andy Warhol Soup Can. I respond to Andy's work so much because he would take something normal and put a twist on it. I love anything that is classic but with a modern twist. I suppose that's why I love pop art so much.

Those are real soup cans from Campbell's that I had to get on Ebay! It's hard to see but I do have a can of Campball's Punk Chowder that I also got on Ebay. Punk is one of my fave words in life. :)

I ordered this through the Ginny's catalog. They always have the most unique things although they can be a bit high on prices. I have this hanging in my dining room and it makes me think of being warm and dry and loved every time I see it.

I drew this picture when I was in high school using some technique for black & white pictures. I was always doing what some girl called "offensive to women" art that my art teacher was super proud and supportive of. I figured Madge would be quite proud too. :) My mom had it framed and I still display it. It reminds me of my youth and that I used to be kind of cool. I found that little "Vogue" decoration at a closeout store somewhere and knew it was for ME. Save a match...strike a pose!

I had that cool picture block made on Etsy with a great picture of my girls at my best friend's wedding. I also found that magnetic birdie "bulletin board" on a clearance shelf and just had to put it on my blue wall. I put one of our family photos on it with magnets that I found at the same store. I used those awesome command strip things for pictures to get them to stick!

Hahaha! Yes this little goofball makes me laugh every day too. I adore her style and her crazy little attitude. How about that jacket? To die, right? ;) I also love my red thin man pantry I also ordered from Ginny's in the background. I can see everything that I have stockpiled when I'm doing my menu plan and it's made my life so much easier.

Noooo, I don't have this hanging somewhere in my house...I bought two of them for my niece and nephew this past weekend. Isn't it the cutest? I knew Aunt Dannette had to get the babies cupcakes! They loved them too! $4.99 at good ole Target!

So just a few of my favorite things that I thought I'd share. :)

Have a great rest of the week!

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  1. i love the first idea. very true we have all these pretty liners from different occasions...some only come once a year! great way to see them the rest of the year!


    1. I bet you have some fabulous liners! ;)