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Baby & Bridal Showers-Office Style

Have you ever thrown a work shower or party? They can be a bit tricky sometimes. It can be a struggle to make something that lasts under an hour feel special or personal. It's also a struggle to plan how many snacks you should make because you don't know who will show and who won't as everyone is usually invited to come. I have thrown or helped throw quite a few myself, and I've found a way to battle both of these issues.

1. To make it personal, I find out what the person is in to. I grill their friends and family if necessary. I find their favorite food or treat and serve that. Baby showers are particularly fun in the snack area as I like to serve what everyone has observed her snacking on or craving. If someone has a favorite candy, or really love a particular flavor, I might make a treat out of that. This shows the person that you went to some effort to recognize them for who they are and most people are quite touched by it.

This was a "Return to Oz" themed going away party which included his fave snacks: Riesens, Red Vines, chips, donuts, & water!

2. You do not have to feed everyone a big ole plate of food. Most people are quite polite, sometimes more for the fear of looking like they took too much which ends in you having tons of stuff leftover. That's not a huge deal in an office as you know it will get eaten, but who has money to waste nowadays? I make what I make and when it's gone it's gone. I will usually make one batch of cupcakes and then a cake to go with it. Cakes slices can always be cut small if need be. (I did this recently when I made these adorable acorn cupcakes for a work baby shower)

3. Recruit help and/or utilize the help that is offered. Sometimes when you are working on a shower you get people who genuinely want to help. I always ask them to do at least one thing. Have them bring one thing or buy one thing. This helps tremendously in the end and it lets someone else show their love for the guest of honor. Not everyone likes to be in charge and that's ok. Just make sure that you include them as a hostess when you are printing flyers or sending out e-mail invites.

One of my girlfriends who took a job in Japan. We wanted to make sure she remembered she was an "American Girl".

Below you will see pictures of my best friend's bridal shower. This was obviously my favorite. Yes I am lucky enough to work in the same place as my BFF. :)

She is a very classy girl, and I wanted to reflect that. I went with a brunch theme. She is loved by so many that I had oodles of people wanting to help. I had each person make or bring one of her favorite things:

2 kinds of Pasta Salad
Chips & Dip (her guilty pleasure!)
Champagne Cake
Macadamia Nut & Peanut Butter Cookies
I made:
Key Lime Cheeseball
Mimosa Cupcakes

I must admit this was more of a spread than I usually have, but as I said so many people wanted to help that it made it very easy. I also knew that since she was so loved more people would be attending so I probably needed a bit more food.

For a gift, I ordered her a beautiful recipe box & cards from Etsy. I passed out recipe cards to anyone who wanted to share a recipe and had them in the box for her. It's so nice to have recipes from your work family to cherish.

Here are some pics of that event:

I used my fancy cake stands for my cupcakes. Nothing is too good for my BFF!

I found those little champagne flutes at The Dollar Tree.

There is the recipe box. She loved looking through the recipes!

Is your tummy grumbling yet?

Don't be shy! Dig in!

Everyone had a nice time and my BFF got hooked up with lots of nice lovelies from our office family.

I have thrown a few baby showers for dads in the office as well. I call them "Man Showers". Those are so much fun. You can get away with a lot when it's in the cafeteria. Never take it too serious. Have fun with it!

This was a UFC themed Man Shower that I helped throw for a daddy-to-be in our office. His wife came and it was great fun.

How could I NOT get him this onesie? I'm thinking he liked it!

So there you have it. Now go show your co-workers some love and get your party planning ON!

Do you work in an office? Do you celebrate special occasions together?

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