Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gourmet Lunch ON THE GO using the Lunch Crock

Remember my Gourmet Breakfast ON THE GO post? Well this is how I am trying to tackle lunchtime as a working mom. I have one daughter that takes lunch daily, and another who takes it at least once or twice a week. Sometimes mom's lunch doesn't get packed. Sometimes mom doesn't want soup in a can AGAIN. I find that if I eat something warm and yummy for lunch, I don't have that 3:00 office munchie attack.

So I finally busted down and bought that little lunch crock I had my eye on for so long. Now most people's response has been, "Ooohh I have a little crockpot like that!"...but this isn't a little crockpot. This is designed to take your lunch in. Let's break it down, shall we?

After you open the top, you can remove the little metal bowl that has a lid that snaps on.

I put my leftovers inside, snapped the lid back on, and put the metal bowl in my fridge until the next morning.

In the morning I pulled it back out, put it back in the crock and put the big lid back on.

I then put it right in my lunch box with a few clementines and a fork.

I plugged it in underneath my desk around 9:00. I didn't eat lunch until 1:00. I swear you couldn't smell a thing while it was heating up.

When I got down to the lunchroom and opened it up, it was absolutely perfect. I seriously loathe the lunchroom microwaves as they never heat anything right. It's either too hot or not hot enough. This made my food feel much fresher...plus I didn't have to wait in the dreaded microwave line. After I was done, I popped out the metal bowl and cleaned it out and now it's ready for my next lunch adventure.

I plan on making a batch of my steak & potato soup in my big crockpot, freezing it in lunch size portions, and popping them in my lunch crock to heat through while I'm working away. Can you imagine the possibilities? So much better than a cold and unfeeling sandwich. So much more fun too. :)


  1. i'm a fan of bringing your own lunch; it's very frugal. never heard of such a thing and will be looking. I have a thermos type thing, but it just doesn't cut it. Thanks for joining us at the Frugal Tuesday Tip. http://juliecache.com/2012/04/16/coupon-meetup-ftt/.html

    1. I got mine on Amazon, but I just saw it in the Target ad this week as a *new* item! Spending money at lunchtime adds up so fast, but sometimes that cold sandwich gets old. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, what an awesome idea! I need to get one of these asap, thanks for the great tip!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for sharing :)
    Visiting from Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop

    Greetings from Australia♥

  4. I've never heard of the lunch crock. But this is terrific! Thank you for linking to the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Hugs and happy weekend wishes!

  5. Just picked one up tonight but not sure what I want to take to lunch so I tried Googling for ideas and came across your blog entry. Lol

    Would love to read what else you've packed into it. :)