Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Sales Convention-Me as Marty McFly...Nettie McFly!

Every year I get to do something super fabulous...go to my yearly sales convention. Since I work in the movie industry (ok it's the DVD side, but that's where the studios make their money nowadays!) it ends up being super fun every year. Universal is celebrating their 100 year anniversary so they are spotlighting 100 of their best movies from the last 100 years. They decided to have a costume party this year for the theme but we had to dress from one of the movies on the list. I decided to go as Marty McFly from Back to the Future. I thought it would be easy to pack, take minimal time to put on and I could dance in it. :)

Me as Marty McFly

I special ordered a calculator watch and the classic Nike with the red swoosh. I can totally rock them again!


One of my friends that also dressed up as Marty McFly hooked me up with this old button he's had since he sold BTTF2 on VIDEOCASSETTE. Vintage baby!

This was an Apollo 13 Tang Cheesecake they served at the party. It was very "Tang"-y.

Some of my friends dressed up as "Despicable Me"

The Bride of Frankenstein! I don't know how she got that wig to stay on!

My girlfriend ordering from "Merlotte's Bar & Grill"

This was one of the desserts from the Mirror, Mirror lunch. This was probably my fave meal of this trip.


Me and the lion from Madagascar. Look at the meathooks on that guy!

This was the little doggy from The Artist. His name was Uggie and everyone fell in love with him.

Here I am playing Battleship..can you believe they are making a movie based on this game?

I won a TV from the Xbox booth!!

Oh I suppose I forgot to mention I won an award this year. Yeah, I totally rock. :)

Seriously, how cool is this Cinderella glass slipper dessert?

I got this shot on the way home...such a lovely time but always ready to see my family again!

So there is a little peak in to my world. Whatsahappenin' in yours hot stuff?? ;)

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