Monday, May 21, 2012

Menu Plan Monday-Back from Disney!

Sorry for my absence...I was on a family vacation to Disneyworld! I will not only be posting about my trip, but also a sort of "survival guide" for a first timer like I was. This vacation was a once in a lifetime trip for my family, and I took the planning of it extremely seriously. I will share what worked, and what didn't. Look for that in the very near future!

So here I am back from Disney and I'm pretty sure my entire family is having Disney Dining Plan withdrawal. We really loved having too much food all of the time. Hey-we are eaters what can I say.

My theme this week is frugal & fast. Wait, isn't that everyone's theme every week? I guess I'm still a bit worn out and I am in a real get 'er done mode at the moment. Here's how I'm going to get 'er done.

Monday-Baked Cheese Cavatelli & Salad-boy doesn't that sound fancy? It's basically marinara mixed in with whole grain pasta and topped with cheese on top and tossed in the oven for a few.

Tuesday-Remember that healthy Hamburger Helper recipe from Iowa Girl Eats? I'm making it again. The ingredients are so simple and it is beyond delicious. I serve mine with green beans over the top.

Wednesday-Pizza Titanics-my gigantic pizza boats! The kids adore these!

Thursday-Cheese Quesadillas & Salsa-I'll try to sneak some veggies if I can.

Friday-Tombstone Extra Cheese Pizza-Family Fave!

Saturday-Groupon Date Night!

Sunday-Freezer Potluck!

I'm ready to scour Menu Plan Monday at for some awesome new recipes to try in the next few weeks. Now that Disney is done I can relax a bit and get back to normal life. Have a wonderfully delicious week!

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