Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dose of Beauty Wednesday

Hello! My name is Dannette and I am a make-up junkie. JUNKIE. Love beauty products of all kinds...especially if they are lux...I can talk shop with a Sephora girl and leave with a new friend.

If you are anything like me, you must go and sign up at Birchbox if you haven't already. It's $10 a month and you get this incredibly sturdy and cute little box (great for wrapping small Christmas presents in!) filled with surprise goodies. They tailor the goodies to the info you provide about your beauty needs. Nobody seems to get the same exact things which makes it even more fun! Afterwards you can go and buy your favorite things on their site and rack up points for $$ towards future orders. You can also get points for leaving reviews of the products you've tried.

In October Birchbox partnered with GOOP! I was so excited when I saw this little equation on the side I got a paper cut trying to open the box.

Filled with GOOP's fave recommendations!
This is the cute little sturdy box you receive. So perfect for disguising a 3DS game at Christmas!

Aaahhhh look at the cute tissue paper! Everything is always so beautifully packaged. You can honestly feel the love.

Looky there...a gift inside of a gift!

Why yes that is a full size $8 bottle of Essie nail polish! In a very trendy fall color I might add. I also received Kiel's Rosa Arctica Eye Cream, Supergoop! Sunscreen, Jouer Lip Enhancer, and a Lemon Zest Luna Bar!
Luckily I had received these FABULOUS Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids in a previous Birchbox so I could fix that paper cut. I find myself looking for boo boos to put these babies on.

So of course all of those deluxe samples got me in the mood for some full size treats, so I made a little hop over to Sephora. Ever since I bought the Urban Decay Naked palette, I've been looking everywhere for a matte palette. Shimmers just don't suit me. Maybe as an accent, but not for full on every day. Kind of an expensive mistake, but it's still worth keeping when I need to get a little more glam.

I was drawn to this Stila "In the Know" palette in...the packaging alone put me in a trance.
Are these perfect colors or what? It even came with a great eyeliner & a little look book that was really easy to follow. I have barely started to dabble with these and I'm already hooked. See that Orange-y color? Looks scary but it's so awesome on. It makes me wish I had brown eyes because I bet it would look amazeballs on a dark beauty.
OK moving on to a product that I can not find in Sephora anymore...:(

A package from Greece? For me?? What could it be??
Oh well only the best moisturizer this dry faced gal has ever used. They stopped carrying my beloved Korres Watercress in the US a few years ago so I found a girl on Ebay to send me some. Cost me a pretty penny but so worth it. I wish they made the smell in to a soap because it's so clean and fresh and not offensive to my sensitive head. I only use this at night, like a night cream as it is very thick. It soaks up overnight and I wake up feeling dewy. So glad I reunited with my beloved!
It's not for has potent in the name for a reason.
So I hope you don't mind me sharing some of my fave things with you today! It's Wednesday! Do something to make yourself feel good today. Don't we all want to be a little prettier?? :)

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