Thursday, August 16, 2012

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Have ya'll been wondering where I've been? I've been here, perusing around, finishing up posts that I don't publish...I don't know why. Well I guess I do know why but I wasn't in the mood for sharing. Which for me is kind of silly because I am always one to throw it all out there. I guess I just didn't feel "ready" or whatever it was...and the fact that it's really no big thang just makes it more silly.

So I've been feeling a little low lately I guess. Sometimes life throws uncomfortable things your way and you just have to deal. My way of doing that is to check out a bit. Lay low. So that's what I did. Now I'm in the process of picking myself back up so I don't end up staying in that isolated place I seem to get too comfortable in. It's not good for humans to be alone like that. We aren't designed for it.

Part of the process of getting my chin back UP where it belongs is trying to get my life a little more organized. The problem with that is, I'm not very good at it. I've never been shy about admitting how hard keeping organized is for me. There are many things I'd like to change about the way I go about my daily routine that I know in the end will make my life easier. Isn't that what all of those blogs out there are all about? How to keep your house in order and the mail off of the table and your kids healthy and happy? Is it just me or does it seem to come so easy to everyone? I have such a hard time with it all, even though I know I already do a lot. I work full-time, cook, bake, entertain in my home, run the kids to their activities and to school, help with homework, make sure everyone is clean, all appointments are made and kept, presents are made and bought for all birthdays for my kids, husband, family, in-law's AND ex-in-laws. All the moms out there understand this and also know that I've only scratched the surface. All of the above is what every parent struggles with getting done. When you start to add in the housework and the keeping the family organized, that's where I start to struggle. I end up having to spend an entire day of my precious weekend cleaning and when I'm done I still don't feel like I've gotten anything done!! It makes me feel like a complete failure even though I've completed all of the above and more! Isn't that silly? Told ya! I'm a silly girl.

I keep asking myself, is it possible to change in this way? If I am a lax person, is it possible to become the ultra organized person I long to be? Can I get my house to a place where I don't have to spend my precious weekend inside cleaning a never ending mess? Can I organize my life so that it's a little more simple? I don't know for sure, but once again, I'm going to give it a shot.

Here is what I've been currently working on that I hope will help me in the areas of my life that seem to keep me in constant stress:

1. I have made a cleaning schedule that includes my children. My girls are 15, 12, and 8 so there are many things they can help me with. I told them that if they want a ride to their daily activities, they have to do their chores. What they don't realize is that this will also teach them the skills of cleaning. Something that I lacked when I became an adult and one of the reasons I struggle now.

2. I have been creating weekly meal plans for quite some time now, but I am going to move it to monthly. I'm not going to do all-or-nothing in the beginning as I will obviously have to learn how to do this, but I do think life would be easier for me and the less time I'm in the grocery store, the less money I spend. I have got to get my grocery budget down. I spend way too much money there and some of it unnecessarily.

3. Make a budget. No, I don't have one. I've tried so many times, but it's so hard for my brain to wrap around it. I work on commission and my husbands hours vary so we never, ever make the same amount of money. Not even an average amount...but I'm going to do my best.

4. With my new cleaning schedule in place, instead of spending the entire Sunday cleaning, I am going to spend a portion of it baking treats for lunches, and making at least one thing to freeze for another meal. A casserole or soup or something like that.

So there they are. My school year resolutions I guess I'll call them. I'm going to do my best to not get down if I can't perfect every single one off the bat. Instead I'm going to aim for it to be near perfect by the end of the school year, taking baby steps all the way there.

In the meantime, although I won't be sharing how to do the perfect budget since I'm not an expert, or how to create the perfect monthly menu plan, etc. I will try to share the baby steps. The things that are helping me get there.

Before I go, why not share some pictures of my three little helpers after their back-to-school haircuts. They make being a crazy mom fun. :)

This is my stepdaughter Meredith. She is 15 years old. Her daily activity is swimming. She has had a lifelong obsession with Sly. (yes, I'm talking about Sylvester Stallone) We will be attending The Expendables 2 on opening night. She is counting down the days.

This is my daughter Sayler. She is 12 years old. Her daily activity is soccer. She loves elephants, Pikachu, and Hello Kitty. She is a video game girl, just like her mom. She is currently obsessing over The Legend of Zelda-Ocarina of Time for 3DS, which is the game I was obsessing over when I was pregnant with her, for the N64 system, respectfully.

This is Quinn. She is 8 years old. Her daily activity is gymnastics. She will be starting Chow's in a few weeks where she hopes to fulfill her Olympic dreams someday. She loves Hello Kitty (like sissy), dancing, and singing. She is currently obsessed with perfecting her back handspring.

Here's to another great school year! We can do this! :)