Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I've Been up to...

Happy Wednesday!
I thought if I gave you a picture-rich post about where I've been, you might forgive me for staying away so long.
I had taken all of these pictures with the intention of sharing, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. During the holidays, I had Thanksgiving and 5 Christmas celebrations, 4 of which were in MY HOME. I cooked for every single one. I wanted to do it to help everyone out but I ended up wearing myself out so much that it took me quite a while to recover.
I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to, but why not share what I got?
For Thanksgiving, I saw this cute little tray on Pinterest, and wanted to make my own. I had to tell everyone that it was supposed to be a turkey. Not quite a Pinstrosity, but not a glowing success either I guess.
I had to draw a little face on the radish. LOL
Our little Meredith made this little scarecrow out of a corn cob when she was little, and I always pull it out at Thanksgiving. My grandma always had fruit around at Thanksgiving so I bought some apples and clementines and I also made some of my candy acorns for extra cuteness.
Ok so before my Thanksgiving I had attended the Twilight Marathon. I actually wrote about the experience here. Oh yeah, I've started writing for VideoETA here and there. If you want to see my list of movies for 2013, you can read them here!
If you read the above article, you will see that I did attend the LOTR Marathon as well. Much more brutal experience! I went with my little brother and we had the best time...although we were beyond worn out! 12 + hours of the extended LOTR magic. By the end we were crying and begging Frodo to throw the ring in the lava!!! It was a real time Hobbit adventure. It was a great prep for the new movie which we attended a week or so later.
This year they announced our yearly sales convention was going to be over Valentine's Day. (insert sad face emoticon here) To cheer myself up, I bought 3 pairs of shoes for convention. My favorite pair, are pictured here.
Here was my "Dannette the Salesgirl" outfit.
I won the Inside Sales Associate of the Year for the East Region!!
I came back to my seat to this lovely masterpiece celebrating the upcoming release of Monsters University!
The next morning we came down and the whole room was transformed in to Game of Thrones complete with the 2nd season for each of us! It was the highlight of the trip for me. The theme song was blaring when we walked in and I literally had goosebumps!
When I went up to my room between meetings, there was a delivery waiting for me from my hubby since it was Valentine's Day. He sent me these gorgeous chocolate covered strawberries! Who deserves the award now??
Me in a massive standee for Oz-Great & Powerful!
During lunch Fox had these amazing Cirque performers doing the most amazing tricks to Adele's "Skyfall" was hauntingly beautiful.  
On my last day as we were sitting waiting for the bus to take us to the airport, I broke out in hives EVERYWHERE. Was it the strawberries? We don't know. I only ate two of them and shared the rest. Maybe preservatives in the strawberries?
This is a very tame example of what I went through for over a week. I don't want to muddle up this pretty post with my ucky hive pictures. Trust me in telling you that my whole face was swollen and my entire body was covered. Not fun!
I was barely over my hives when I had to make a cake for my (old) sister-in-law who was getting re-married. I still love my (old) family very much and was happy to be able to do this as my gift to them. I'm not decorator, but I love to make cakes. I got this recipe here, and it was beyond delicious.
That same weekend, we had a Sweetheart Banquet at church in which I was heavily involved. Due to the massive amounts of meds I had been on from my hives, I was SO SICK during this day. I didn't want anyone to know but I could barely handle being around all of that food. I just sucked it up so that the day could happen. Two of my church sisters put that curtain up with the lights and I thought it looked amazing!
Cake #2 in the same weekend. This was a vegan chocolate cake. I got the recipe here.
I also made these white chocolate chip stuffed raspberries which I also saw on Pinterest. Everyone adored these and they are the easiest and loveliest thing to make.
We plated up the desserts so they would look like something from a fancy restaurant. I don't have pictures of the food as I didn't have time to take any, but the menu was out an out of this world vegan feast.
The guests played the Newlywed Game which brought lots of laughter and fun.
Fast forward a few more weeks, and my other (old) sister-in-law was getting remarried too! Again I made a cake as my gift to her. I got the recipe here. This one made me famous folks. It was beyond amazing!
I also made these mini key lime cupcakes topped with more of those cute little raspberries! I bought those edible hearts at Michael's. These were made from a mix, and were delicious...if you like lime. :)
So there you have it. Some of my craziness in between working full time and being a mom to three girls.
And this is me, with my new shades and red lips waiting for summer to start.
What have you all been up to?? :)



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