Monday, May 13, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week!

I realize the purpose of a blog is to give you ideas BEFORE an event...but I am just not that good. So here is what I did this year and you can tuck it away for later or use it as an inspiration to do something way cooler. :)

On Wednesday they were bringing in Subway for the teachers so I made my Twinkie Strawberry Shortcake for them to enjoy. (I used Little Debbie Cloud Cakes since Twinkie's are temporarily no more)
I also knew I wanted to do some type of little emergency kit for Quinn to give to her teachers. I decided on a teacher's desk drawer emergency kit.
I kept it very simple, as we were making 24 of them to give out, and I didn't want to cost to get too high. I had found these foam apple cut-outs on a clearance shelf at Target last year and tucked them away for this year. They sure came in handy! I printed off my version of the kit and glued them to the front of the foam apples.
I also made these little tags and had Quinn color them in. She loved them!
As indicated on the list above, I bought erasers, Advil, chocolate coins, anti-bac gel, coffee candy and band-aids.

I then put them in a little clear bag, and stapled them to the back of the apple to secure them. I tied a ribbon around the top so I could add Quinn's tag.
If you look close, you can see that the anti-bac gel is for men...we made some for the male teachers as well. I put them on the green apples so they would be easy for Quinn to find.
Of course there were many more, but this gives you the idea! :)
Also, on Friday a lot of moms were bringing in glorious desserts, so I decided they needed something savory to balance them out. I had made some meatball sliders for my sister-in-law's baby shower, and decided they were the perfect easy thing to do. Now some of the teachers were wanting the recipe because they were SO good. LOL. I have to LOL because it wasn't a recipe at all. It's what I call a get 'er done recipe.
All it took was a good ole trip to Costco. I bought their beef meatballs, and their 2 pack of Heart Smart Prego Sauce. I bought mozzarella cheese and these amazing Italian sandwich rolls that are already cut. I put instructions on the crockpot to put the cheese in the roll, and top with the meatball. That way the cheese gets melted and you don't have to deal with microwaves or ovens. I must admit it's a tasty little sammich!
Here are the meatballs I bought:
And here is the sauce:
I don't have a picture of the rolls...but I think we all know what they look like. You could also use hot dog buns in a pinch! :)
Quinn and I had such a fun time doing this together. She told me that it made her feel special when she can take something in for the teachers like that. That's exactly why I do it! :)
Hope you have a wonderful week!

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